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Centennial College Full-time Programs Catalogue 2022-2023


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STAY Smart

STAY Smart

STAY Smart connects you to ongoing initiatives at Centennial College intended to support students as they transition through postsecondary, including the inevitable ups and downs of college life. STAY Smart encourages you to view your time at Centennial as a part of a journey to a successful life and career.

The following two programs are intended to help students "stay smart:"

Thriving in Action

Thriving in Action is a semester-long group program designed to help students enhance their wellbeing and success at college. Thriving in Action incorporates the principles of positive psychology to support students in moving towards “thriving” – both personally and academically.

Learn more about Thriving in Action.


eMentorship connects first-semester students with experienced students for the purpose of enhancing the transition experience of new students. eMentors meet regularly with participants to support them in connecting to campus resources, making social connections, navigating online learning and helping with the development of study skills. 

Learn more about eMentorship.