External Proctoring Services

If you are a student attending at an external college or university and require an invigilator or proctor for your exam, we are able to provide the service in our secure and well-supervised environment.

Please contact us and make an appointment for your exam before arranging with your home college or university to have the exam sent to us.

How to book your exam

1. Review the rules and regulations of your home institution carefully and take note of the exam deadline, required documents, and other applicable details pertinent to your test.

2. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

3. Notify your home institution of the date and time of your exam and they will send us your exam packages. If your exam has not arrived in the week of your exam date, our office will contact you to follow-up.

4. Arrive for your exam. If you are writing a paper-based exam and wish to courier your exam to your home institution, you can bring your own pre-paid express envelope or inquire about the courier service that we offer.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify the Assessment Centre 3-5 days in advance.

How to pay your exam fee

After arranging your exam appointment, you can pay online or in person.

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