Centennial College Sloan Leadership Academy (CCSLA)


What is the CCSLA?

The Centennial College Sloan Leadership Academy (CCSLA) houses Centennial College’s leadership development and education programming and seeks to deliver a truly “Centennialized” leadership framework and curriculum uniquely focusing on Indigenization, Internationalization, equity of outcomes, and equalization of capital for all participants. The CCSLA positions itself at the intersection of innovation, access, and transitions.

Goals of the CCSLA

  • Establish an innovative and uniquely Centennial (from program outcomes through to intentional and assessable learning outcomes and assessment) framework and curriculum that will serve as the core foundation for leadership development and education at the College.
  • Launch immersive and unique co-curricular leadership programming (that complements and builds from existing College initiatives) for students.
  • Launch leadership modules that can be customized and embedded in classroom instruction at Centennial College and other post-secondary institutions.
  • Expand leadership programming to high schools and broader.
  • Chart out a research program that maximizes leadership outcomes for equity-seeking groups and enhances current literature.

For more information related to the Centennial College Sloan Leadership Academy and the Leadership Passport, please email leadership@centennialcollege.ca.