Completing Your Passport

Leadership Passport

All Centennial College students are automatically enrolled in the Leadership Passport program through eCentennial and are able to begin their journey toward earning a Distinction in Leadership while at the College. The Passport consists of 3 journeys:

picture of leadership explorer badgeLeadership Explorer

This journey is all about exploring leadership in an effort to broaden and deepen your understanding of diverse ways of knowing and being. You will enhance your awareness and perspective of local, national, and global issues while developing your skills and competencies related to areas of personal and professional growth through formal and informal learning experiences. Being a Leadership Explorer is a great way to kickstart your Student Leadership Passport as you collect experiences to write your own personal leadership philosophy.

picture of leadership in action badgeLeadership in Action

Leadership in Action involves doing and enacting components from Leadership Explorer. You will practice active engagement with your leadership skills and seek to use your values, principles, ideas, and philosophies within your community. Through thoughtful reflection, you will narrate your own story that showcases your leadership skills and experiences.

picture of leadership for change badgeLeadership for Change

Leadership for Change allows you to channel your energy toward activating social improvement and change by applying your individual and/or collective understanding of community needs. You will use your knowledge, experiences, and passions to foster a vision and create a path for a better world.

picture of distinction in leadership badgeDistinction in Leadership

The Distinction in Leadership recognizes the completion of the three (3) journeys and is marked by the milestone of a final reflective piece that authentically composes your individual leadership story in the context of majoritized and minoritized stories and models of leadership. Students who successfully earn this Distinction will have it recognized formally on their academic transcript, as well as through the individual digital certificates.

Leadership Opportunities

To complete the milestones within each journey, visit the Leadership Passport course shell on eCentennial and begin reviewing your past, current, and future experiences so you will be able to provide evidence of your engagement. There are no mandatory sessions for you to attend; however, the Centennial Sloan Leadership Academy (CCSLA) will offer a number of experiences including a Student Leadership Conference, workshops and more that can be used to support your journeys. To see a list of all upcoming workshops, events, and experiences, download the Experience Centennial app.