Centennial Leadership Academy (CLA)

What is the CLA?

The Centennial Leadership Academy (CLA) is a hub of resources and programs designed to develop the leader in each student. Programs focus on skills relevant to students’ career, community and personal development journeys. The CLA links students to various leadership experiences at Centennial and engages with employers and the wider community.

CLA Vision

The CLA launches students on a path of personal growth, career success and engaged citizenship, creating an engaged community of students, faculty, staff and employers dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders.

CLA Mission

The CLA facilitates the development of students as leaders on their personal, professional and community journeys, acting as a catalyst between students, faculty, employers and communities to utilize and grow the resources necessary for meaningful action and followed by critical reflection. The Academy accomplishes this by:

  1. Providing a forum for student engagement and reflection on different acts of leadership;
  2. Developing specific leadership skills and competencies;
  3. Building a network of collaborators within and beyond Centennial.

Questions? Ideas? Need help? Email us at leadership@centennialcollege.ca and one of us will get back to you.

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