Leadership Café


The Leadership Café is a weekly hub for students to engage in leadership discussions. Each week the café focuses on a different leadership topic. Students share their thoughts, feelings and experiences related to the topic. This is a lively but relaxed space for engaging, free-flowing conversation. The Leadership café is a drop-in space, so join us whenever you can!

By attending the Leadership café you will:

  • Examine a leadership topic through conversation
  • Practice your dialogue skills  
  • Express your thoughts, feelings and experiences on a leadership topic
  • Relate to leadership stories of peers in a supportive, safe environment  

Leadership Café Topics

All sessions run on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30 pm. Join us on the Student Leadership team on MS Teams each week!

Date Leadership Topic
Tuesday, March 2 Leading in different cultures
Tuesday, March 9 Leading in the context of visible and invisible disabilities
Tuesday, March 16 Leadership in religious communities
Tuesday, March 23 Leadership, self-doubt and validation
Tuesday, March 30 Leadership and relationships
Tuesday, April 6 Leadership and family dynamics
Tuesday, April 13 Adjusting to (and leading in) a new job
Tuesday, April 20 Leadership with courage and vulnerability
Tuesday, April 27 Leading across generations
Tuesday, May 3 Leading through conflict
Tuesday, May 11 Boundaries in leadership positions
Tuesday, May 18 Advocating for ourselves
Tuesday, May 25 Leading in a family business
Tuesday, June 1 Asking for support for our cause
Tuesday, June 8 Changing the change
Tuesday, June 15 Unlearning as leaders
Tuesday, June 22 Unlearning as leaders - Part 2
Tuesday, June 29 Traditions and leadership
Tuesday, July 6 Growing out of relationships
Tuesday, July 13 Leadership scenarios 1
Tuesday, July 20 What's bugging you as a leader?
Tuesday, July 27 Disagreeing with leaders
Tuesday, August 3 Rapid fire questions!
Tuesday, August 10 Consistency in Leadership
Tuesday, August 17 Sports and its effects on leadership
Tuesday, August 25 Leadership Scenarios
Tuesday, August 31 Continuous learning as a leadership practice
Tuesday, September 7 Are leaders born or made?
Tuesday, September 14 What's your story? Sharing our professional journeys

Join us on the Student Leadership team on MS Teams each week!