Completing Your Passport

Leadership Passport

All Centennial College students are automatically enrolled in the Leadership Passport program through eCentennial and are able to begin their journey toward earning a Distinction in Leadership while at the College. The Passport consists of 4 journeys:

picture of leadership explorer badgeJourney 1: Leadership Explorer

  • Understand different leadership styles

  • Create development plan for own leadership journey

  • Write personal leadership philosophy


picture of leadership in action badgeJourney 2: Leadership in Action

  • Reflect on leadership skills already in action

  • Consider experiences from your personal life to deepen your understanding of transferrable leadership skills


picture of leadership for change badgeJourney 3: Leadership for Change

  • Activate social change by applying an individual and collective understanding of community needs

  • Use knowledge, experience and passion to foster a vision and create a path for a better world


picture of leadership for change badgeJourney 4: Leadership for Success

  • Reflect on your career development journey and specific leadership skills crucial to success as you move into and through the working world

  • Explore how being proactive and resilient are necessary to meet your professional challenges and grow as a leader in the workplace


picture of distinction in leadership badgeDistinction in Leadership

Available upon successful completion of all four journeys:

  • Reflection of your Leadership Passport Journey

  • A formal sharing of your Leadership Experiences with your chosen leader

  • Communicating your Personal Leadership Philosophy and considering others perspectives and experiences