Leadership Passport - FAQs

What is the Leadership Passport?

Centennial College's Leadership Passport is a tool to recognize your individual leadership development while studying at Centennial College.

The Passport consists of four journeys where you will provide evidence of your leadership experiences and learning within this self-paced, online course. The Leadership Passport team will review your submissions and provide coaching and feedback to assist you on your personal and professional development journey.

When you successfully complete each journey, you will earn a Statement of Recognition. Successful completion of all four journeys and an additional reflection will be recognized by the Distinction in Leadership marked on your transcript* and read out at convocation.

What is a Distinction in Leadership?

The Distinction in Leadership is an official Recognition of Achievement for your leadership development work and is awarded to students who successfully complete the requirements of the Leadership Passport. Students who are awarded the Distinction in Leadership will have it noted on their official graduating transcript* and have it read out at convocation.

What are the eligibility requirements of the Leadership Passport?

To be eligible to participate in the Leadership Passport, you must be enrolled in a Centennial College certificate, diploma or degree program.

How long do I have to complete the Leadership Passport?

We recommend that you review the content of the Leadership Passport course shell early in your studies so that you can plan accordingly for your time and personal commitments. All Passport milestones and journeys will need to be fully completed two (2) weeks prior to the end of your academic program. See the page “Succeed with your Passport” in your course shell for tips from other students.

Is the Leadership Passport mandatory?

No, it is not mandatory.

This is a co-curricular development opportunity to share your personal leadership story.

Completing the Leadership Passport is a great way to learn how to articulate your leadership beliefs and experiences, an important skill that can be helpful in your job search and in future careers.

If you complete all four journeys and the additional reflection activity, you will be eligible for the Distinction in Leadership recognized on your academic transcript* and read out at convocation.

How do I get started?

You have already been given access to the Leadership Passport on E-Centennial. Simply watch this Leadership Passport video and navigate your way through the milestones by clicking on your first journey, Leadership Explorer. Follow the instructions to guide you through the milestones and deepen your knowledge further with our library resources.

How am I supported as I complete the Passport?

You will find supporting learning pieces, readings, videos, articles and links on E-centennial. There are various opportunities throughout the year to attend workshops and events which you can use in your milestone reflections. To see a list of all upcoming workshops, events, and experiences, download the Experience Centennial app. You also have access to our Leadership Specialist in person and via video conference. You can book time with the Specialist to discuss your Leadership Passport.

Do I have to complete all the journeys?

No, you can complete between 1- and 4 journeys to receive a Statement of Recognition for each journey you complete. To be eligible for the Distinction assignment, all journeys must be completed.

What is the Leadership Passport Challenge?

Once a semester, you are optionally challenged to complete your full Leadership Passport in just a few short weeks. Our Leadership Specialist will guide you through the Passport in these interactive webinars each week.

What is the passing grade?

To be successful in your milestones, you will need to meet 65% of the requirements. One resubmit is allowed for each milestone. There are no resubmits allowed during the blackout period, which is the final semester grading period. No resubmit will be allowed for your Distinction assignment.

Are mail submissions allowed?

All submissions must be done via the milestone drobox. Email submissions are not admissible.

Can I continue the Passport in my next program?

No. The Passport must be completed within one full program. You will have until the start of the next term to download all your Statements of Recognition and other supporting documents before your access to the Leadership Passport is removed.

Is the Leadership Passport related to the Leadership & Inclusion Certificate offered at the College?

No. The Leadership Passport is a co-curricular learning tool and is unrelated to the Leadership & Inclusion Certificate offered by the School of Advancement at Centennial. The Distinction in Leadership is awarded to students who complete the Leadership Passport.

Why can’t I access the next journey?

To access your next journey, you first need to have the milestones in the previous journey graded. Grading can take up to five (5) business days. You can still access the knowledge, resources and assignment to complete before it is unlocked for submission, so you do not need to wait to begin working on the next milestone.

What happens if I require accommodations?

We have designed the assignment templates with creativity and accessibility in mind. If you require any further accommodations, we would be happy to hear from you at leadership@centennialcollege.ca

Have a question about the Leadership Passport?

Contact a member of the Leadership Passport team by email leadership@centennialcollege.ca.

* If you do not graduate from Centennial College or are a student in the BScN program, your Distinction in Leadership will be noted as a Recognition of Achievement within the course shell only.