Experience Centennial App


The Experience Centennial App is the official student engagement platform to help new and returning students discover all that is happening at the College. This app acts as the one-stop shop to find events or programs, learn about specific resources and build strong community.


The EC app can also help students find ways to get involved outside the classroom in three easy steps:

download iconStep 1: Download

Download the Experience Centennial app from Google Play or the Apple App Store or Experience Centennial for desktop and tablet.


login iconStep 2: Login

Click on “Centennial College Login” the page will be redirected to “mySSO” myCentennial. Sign on to the app by using your student number (username) and myCentennial password as (password). To reset your password, you can use the "Forgot Password" link.


phone iconStep 3: Experience the EC APP

Set up your profile, add a picture (optional) then join groups, register for events by joining the “Centennial Events” group, you can also ask any questions you have in the ASK:CC group. Look out for jobs and volunteer opportunities, leadership activities, connection possibilities and so much more!

For help contact:

The Experience Centennial Team:

And for technical support contact The Helpdesk: