Are you a second, third or fourth-year student who wants to make a difference in other students’ lives? Are you knowledgeable, reliable, punctual, and see yourself as a great role model? eMentors serve to support and encourage new students as they transition into Centennial College. eMentors will be an insightful guide for new students and a considerate facilitator who provides access and referral to Centennial College resources while acting as an advocate for all new student experiences


  • Attend and lead 1-hour weekly eMentorship group or individual sessions via Microsoft teams
  • Maintain communication with proteges and encourage participation in weekly meetings 
  • Be open and available to proteges 
  • Attend bi-weekly eMentor meetings with Program coordinators
  • Develop a relationship with eProteges and provide assistance and referral to College services 
  • Participate in a mandatory training session
  • Provide advice on balancing your school and home life
  • Provide advice on academic concerns such as virtual learning, asynchronous and hybrid classes. 


  • A student at Centennial College registered in Winter 2021 or on official break returning in Summer 2021
  • A student in semester two or higher 
  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong time management and organization skills
  • Strong awareness of campus resources
  • Strong referral skills  
  • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Teams)

Apply now to become an eMentor

If you are interested in becoming a Centennial College eMentor please fill out an application form. Allyssa Rampersad arampersad@centennialcollege.ca or Loise Gahol lgahol@centennialcollege.ca

Successful candidates will be contacted for a virtual group interview Application deadline: December 8, 2020, at 5:00 pm.