Leadership Workshops and Events

Leadership development can happen anywhere, and is earned through practical and theoretical learning experiences. Centennial College offers special workshops and events to help you learn what it means to be a leader, explore different types of leadership, and enhance youth leadership skills.

What our workshops are about:

Leadership Competencies*

At this workshop, you learn about leadership competencies including self-knowledge, authenticity, integrity, commitment, empathy, competence, and ethical and social responsibility. You also discuss the various types of leaders and what it means to be a global leader in today's fast-paced world.

Reflective Practice for Leaders*

At this workshop, you learn how to use critical reflection to enhance your leadership experiences, in addition to learning how to develop a reflective narrative.

Leadership Lunch and Learn Speaker Series

The Leadership Lunch and Learn Series features successful Centennial leaders sharing their stories, experiences and ideas on leadership.

Global Citizenship and Equity Seminar Series

The Global Citizenship and Equity Seminar Series (GCESS) covers six topics that will advance your leadership knowledge, skills and abilities as a global citizen. You can also apply your participation in the GCESS towards either the Global Citizenship or Equity or Leadership Education requirements of the Leadership Passport.


StrengthsQuest is a program that encourages awareness of your personal strengths and potential. You’ll find your top five talents and how to use them to be more successful.

Leadership Education and Development Student Workshop Series 

The Leadership Education and Development Student Workshop Series gives you the opportunity to take part in different Leadership Education experiences as either a facilitator or participant, giving you the skills to get the most out of life and leadership.

*Students working towards a Distinction in Leadership upon graduation from their full/part-time program must complete this Leadership Passport mandatory workshop.