College Computers

All registered Centennial College students have access to the College's network services (internet, printing, course software, data directories and storage space). To access these features students must login to the network using their student number. Computers at each campus will be loaded with the necessary applications to meet your program/course requirements.

All registered students are allocated network storage space (referred to as the "H: drive" or "Home drive") on the College network. This drive is a place where students can store their course related work and materials. This drive is accessible when students login to the College computers. Additionally, as long as you are connected to the Internet, this drive can be accessed from outside of the College through an application called Web Desktop.

Our college has nearly 2100 computer, both Windows and Mac in 100 general and specialty labs across all campuses. Students and staff can use the labs, however, priority use of the labs will be given to faculty who have classes requiring the use and demonstration of computer software and programs. If there are no classes scheduled in a lab, students are permitted to use vacant labs to complete assigned course work.