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#5: Make a bigger promise to students

myCentennial Portal Upgrade

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Update February 22, 2017

myCentennial web portal and integrated services upgrade has been completed. 

The upgraded portal has a fresh new look and feel and offers Single Sign-on to key services including: myCentennial,  Office 365,  eCentennial, and Banner and some smaller applications through our new responsive myLogin page. 

New online studentHUB

Centennial College is proud to introduce the new online studentHUB. The online studentHUB is the new go-to spot for students to stay updated on events, news, student life, social media, academic support, helpdesk inquiries and more! The studentHUB will allow students to access the login for myCentennial, eCentennial and myApplication with a single click. The studentHUB will be a great resource to direct students to if they have any questions about life here at the College. We encourage staff and faculty to become familiar with these changes and explore the new studentHUB for themselves. 

The studentHUB is now online and can be found here:

Update 8 - October 21, 2016

The planned September release date has now been extended (TBD) to ensure additional time is provided to complete two outstanding areas of work impacting User Import and Password Management procedures, and to further test the system from end to end before general release. 

This month’s accomplishments:

Hot Fix

Hot fix #82 was provided by our vendor that fixed the responsive design for our Banner Portlets.

Custom Portlet
The team was able to develop a custom portlet for all of the key electronic correspondence information that is sent out to students. Without this portlet being in place we would not be able to launch myCentennial as students would have limited access to the information related to Admission, Fees, and Registration etc.

Outstanding, work in progress items:

User Import
Our vendor has identified a problem with the software in relation to the speed of the import of users, from the existing system over to the new. This is a problem for our particular institutions because we have over 400,000 accounts to import. Our vendor is in the process of working to resolve the issue and have made it their top priority.
Password Reset Policy
The current Single sign on tool that we are using requires some customizations to adhere to our strict password management policy here at the college. We are in the process of finalizing the model that will be used for the new system.

Update 7 - September 2, 2016

Following the fall semester start up, on September 26, 2016, the transition to move from an aging student and staff portal environment to newer technology that enables a revitalized online experience for the College community will be almost complete. Ethos is a new service that will be introduced and presented to users as myLogin. This new feature allows for improved accessibility, navigation and seamless secure authentication to the many key services that Centennial provides to staff and students such as myCentennial, eCentennial, Office 365, Banner and a mix of additional systems and services.

Update 6 -  August 2, 2016

  • The project schedule has been revised with a new release date scheduled for Sept 26, 2016
  • The new myCentennial environment is schedule to be released over the weekend on September 23-26. The original date for release was schedule for the September 17-19, however given fall registration activities, specifically add/drop continuing until September 19, and so the project team felt the release should be moved out after the completion of the registration activities to minimize service interruption to students and staff.
  • Luminis Portlet Development Training. The on site portlet (channel) development training for the project team technical resources was completed during the week of July 19, 2016. Our Ellucian Consultant facilitated a hands on workshop for the project team on how to enable and manage Luminis portlets required for the new myCentennial community portal.
  • Important points to note. One of many critical success factors is to provide seamless third party integration of many of our external and custom built services. For employees, users will be able to use their 9 digit ID and password to login to myCentennial, eCentennial, and Banner production environment (providing you already have permitted access). There will no longer be a separate log in page for applications such as Banner, Office 365, myCentennial and eCentennial. Users will be directed to a single generically branded Centennial login page for authentication and services access. To ensure security compliance all users will be required to set up a new password with 120 day expiration following the launch. A reminder that during the transition –cut over week end, there will be a service outage necessary, as we prepare to enable the new upgraded myCentennial environment for general release to the College Community.

Update 5 - July 15, 2016

  • Project continues on track with a potential release date scheduled for Sept 19, 2016
  • Completed BEIS ((Banner Enterprise Identity Services) Component installation in PROD: The BEIS installation in PROD took longer than originally anticipated due the complexities of our local Banner environment. Ellucian, our vendor specialist normally installs the BEIS software on two (nodes) servers, however for redundancy and service continuity in the event of an unexpected failure, to manage risk, we have installed BEIS across five of our Banner web servers, which makes for a unique configuration. The installation was successful and will minimize future service interruption once deployed.
  • Luminis Channels for Banner –Technical Discovery: The Luminis Channels for Banner, once installed will allow access to information located in Banner (i.e. grades) to be displayed in a portlet, without having to click through additional links to view role based information. This new functionality requires additional set up by the Project team and when done, will allow for a rich engaging portal experience for end users.
  • Completed Luminis Content Administration Training –(On site with Ellucian): During the week of June 11, 2016, The Ellucian Consultant was on site to demonstrate to the designated  myCentennial Administrators, and select end users from Marketing, how to administer the content that will be displayed in myCentennial.  Next step for the project team is to identify an approach to de-centralizing the task of managing select information published online and accessible through the portal, so that key stakeholders are empowered and able to recycle, renew and conduct general maintenance of content.

Update 4 - June 22, 2016

  • myCentennial Installation in Test and Pre-production: During the past weeks the project team has worked to install the myCentennial (Luminis) software in both the Pre-production and Test environments. Having the myCentennial (Luminis) platform up and running in the Test environment allows end users to begin building content that will eventually be used in the Pre-production environment. In addition, having the myCentennial (Luminis) software installed in the Pre-production environment allows our development partner Ellucian to start performing system verifications that will allow for an efficient launch of the new product in September.

  • ETHOS Configuration with myCentennial: ETHOS has now been configured with the myCentennial (Luminis) Test environment that will allows users to go between systems and services such as myCentennial, eCentennial and O365 without having to re-enter their user name and password. Once the users logs out and/or closes their browser, they would then be prompted to re-authenticate if they tried to access those systems.

  • BEIS (Banner Enterprise Identity Services) Installation and Configuration: The BEIS components will allow College users to access our Banner INB environment using their 300 ID and Password, as opposed to a separate Oracle ID and Password.

Update 3 - May 12, 2016

  • Began Luminis 5.3 Installation: During the past four weeks our Luminis project team has begun the Luminis 5.3 installation and working with our service partners to better understand the integration of ETHOS, Ellucian’s identity services. Upon completion the project team will be better positioned to forecast a target for general release. 
  • Proposed myCentennial content review with ES (Systems, Admission, Student Financial Service), Human Resources and Marketing: The team also met with key project stakeholders involved, such as Enrolment Services (Systems, Admissions, and Student Financial Services), HR, and Marketing to review the proposed myCentennial content that is expected upon release. In the weeks ahead the team will continue to build out a test environment where all necessary changes to the layout will be made to ensure all stakeholder expectations and requirements are accounted for and where possible, met.
  • ETHOS Installation Report Review/Knowledge Transfer: Our Ellucian Technical Consultant to the project provided a report that outlined a number of recommendations necessary to assist the delivery of an engaging collaborative and content rich myCentennial portal underpinned by new Luminis technology for the college. 
  • Luminis Technical Assessment Report Review: This information will be used as we prepare for the transition to our new portal.

Update 2 - March 31, 2016

  • ETHOS (Identity Management System) Technical Workshop (Monday March 7, 2016)
    • Overview of Ethos Identity features, system requirements, Database and LDAP user store requirements and Integration planning.
  • ETHOS Installation (March 7-11, 2016)
    • Installation of ETHOS (Identity Management System) into our the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) environment.
  • Luminis Technical Planning Workshop (Tuesday March 8, 2016)
    • Discuss portal architecture, user authentication, user account management, ERP (Banner) integration, Email, Distance Learning and other Web-based client enterprise applications.
  • Portal Analysis and Design (March 22-24)
    • Vendor lead system education, defined project goals and constraints and worked with the project team, content “owners”and other key stakeholders on content consideration.

Update 1 - February 22, 2016

  • Finalized Infrastructure Requirements and Design (for Testing and Production)
  • Functional Assessment Call (February 26, 2016)

The myCentennial Upgrade Phases

  1. Pre-Initiation Technical Planning, January - February
  2. Pre-Initiation Functional Assessment, February - March
  3. Pre-Initiation Functional Analysis and Design, April - May
  4. Product Build, June - July
  5. Knowledge Transfer and Product Release, August - September

myCentennial is a web-based portal that provides tools for students to pay fees, register for courses, reserve lockers, apply for transfer credits and communicate with the college community via a secure email and college announcements. The portal also enables access to personal information and resources for all staff. The student and staff community portal is built on the Luminis 4.3 platform which requires an upgrade and will be replaced by L5.2 during the summer of 2016.

The MyCentennial Portal Upgrade project will deliver a feature rich community portal including

  • Banner Integration
  • 3rd Party Application Integration and SSO
  • Sites, Pages and User Page customization
  • Portlets
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Themes (Responsive Design – Mobile Frameworks)
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Content Search

Additionally the new platform offers a number of improved features that include a news scalable technology stack, improved UI with web 2.0 user experience, improved personalization community and communication tools.