Settlement Services

Many international students are unaware of the wider array of community-based programs and services available to them. As part of the International Student Connect Project, Centennial College has partnered with the Catholic Cross-cultural Services settlement agency to provide our international student community with the necessary resources and knowledge to make informed decisions about day to day life in Canada, and a smooth transition to permanent Canadian residency if so desired.

Individual support, as well as informative Let’s Connect Workshops, is offered each week at Centennial campuses on the following topics:

Banking and Credit

Learn about banks and credit unions, differences between credit and debit cards, and what to watch out for (e.g. interest rates, service fees, etc.).

Immigration Pathways

Learn about planning and applying for PNP or Express Entry, as well as information on other pathways.


Learn about requirements for employment, where to find work, and your rights and responsibilities.

Legal Rights

Learn about basic legal rights, free and low-cost legal aid services in the community, on and off-campus legal resources, Criminal Code, and finding legal information.

Income Tax

Learn the basics of the Canadian income tax system, where to seek expert or volunteer help with filing taxes, how to determine residency status (for tax purposes), and review the process on how to file taxes.

Community Participation and Recreation

Learn about getting involved in community and school events, recreation centres, and public libraries.

For more information, please contact:

Manimolie Kanagasabapathy
Phone: 647-296-6753

About the International Student Connect Project

The International Student Connect (ISC) Project was created to help international students and their families address their settlement needs by providing them with relevant information and resources. COSTI Immigrant Services coordinates the ISC Project in partnership with educational institutions and settlement agencies across Ontario. This project is funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.