Preparing for Class

If you’re coming to Centennial College from high school, you’ll find learning environment quite different. You’ll have to take notes, study independently and deal with a more intensive workload. Luckily, we have the resources available to help you throughout your college career.

One of the things you’ll find yourself doing day in and day out when going to class is note-taking. Decide the best way for you to keep your notes. Do you want to use your computer, and sort your notes with different folders for each class? Do you prefer a binder, sub-divided into sections for each subject? Do you use an exercise book for each course? There are pros and cons to each method. Choose a system you can keep organized.

Getting Set for Class

  1. Review your notes from the last class. Just five minutes of review will help.
  2. Complete your assigned reading.
  3. Be on time for class.
  4. Have everything you need – lots of paper, spare pens, etc.
  5. Some students think they can sit back passively and just write their notes. Really, note-taking is one of your most intensive brain workouts. Switch your brain to “working mode.”
  6. It’s really smart to plan where to sit in the classroom. You can minimize distractions by sitting in the first couple of rows.
  7. Be ready to listen. Open your ears to what the teacher has to say. They have probably thought a lot about what they’re telling you.
  8. Be ready to process what you hear. Come up with questions and look for the answers. Relate this new information to the last class, to the readings and to your own experience. Think, “What is the essential information?” Write it in your own words. Ask questions and make sure you understand. Listen to the overview at the beginning and conclusions at the end.
  9. Don’t forget to review your notes within 24 hours. The payoff in retention will help you perform better in tests, not to mention participate more actively in class.

Helpful Resources: