Student Governor Election Results

Picture of the Centennial College Student Governor Taranjeet Singh

Taranjeet Singh has been elected as the new Student Governor to the Centennial College Board of Governors with 1086 votes, or 52.6 per cent of ballots cast for the position.

Currently a second-semester student of the Business Administration – Leadership and Management program and a graduate of the LeaderShape® Institute, Taranjeet is an International Student Ambassador who has gained experience working with others to enrich his relationships and enhance his commitment to respect the dignity of all people.

Having heard first-hand the needs and expectations of our students, Taranjeet has pledged to represent them well. He is also an athlete, which has trained him to adhere to his core ethical and personal values. A person who believes in setting clear targets and achieving them, Taranjeet has embraced a healthy disregard for the impossible. 

Centennial's Board of Governors members look forward to working with Taranjeet. 

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