English: Hints and Tips is your one-stop writing and language resource at Centennial College

Female student writing at her desk in a classroom

Need help with your essay? Need a reminder about a grammar rule? Forgotten how to cite your sources? You don’t have to go searching across the internet for answers any more, thanks to Centennial College’s new English: Hints and Tips resource. Whether you’re an international student looking to brush up on the language, or a Canadian student who just needs help remembering where a comma goes, English: Hints and Tips is your one-stop language shop, and has all of the resources you need for writing, speaking and listening in English.

Our School of Advancement and Centre for Academic English created English: Hints and Tips to make it easier for students to find what they need in one place. It includes Centennial resources like our library and college portal, but also external ones. For example, The Owl, a writing guide from Purdue University, is a popular resource, but a lot of students didn’t know where to find it, or even what it was. Now, you can find it on e-centennial, along with links that teach you about grammar, writing, citations, references and more.

Here’s how to get there: When log into eCentennial with your student number and password, and click on any of the classes you’re taking, you’ll see an “English: Hints and Tips” link. After that, you can follow any one of the five portals to learn more about:

  • Reading and Writing
  • Grammar
  • Citations and References
  • Papers, Assignments and Exams
  • Speaking and Listening

English: Hints and Tips features everything you need to upgrade your language and writing skills, all in one place. And we’re going to keep adding to it as we go, to help you read, write and learn even better.