New Year, New Air


On October 19, Centennial College announced it was transitioning to a smoke-free environment in the New Year. This means that smoking or vaping tobacco products will be prohibited at all Centennial College properties, including our satellite locations.

What about smoking cannabis on school property?

In September, we advised the College community that the recreational use of cannabis was prohibited on all College property, and this has not changed. On October 12, we published our Use of Cannabis Policy which clarified this policy and outlined accommodations for those who use medical marijuana.

Why Is the College going smoke free?

Our decision to offer a smoke-free environment stems from our commitment to offer a safe and healthy place to teach, work and study. New Year New Air means campuses that are free of second-hand and third-hand smoke, and tobacco related litter. We will prohibit the smoking or vaping of all tobacco products at all of our properties, including our satellite locations, in 2019.

Will I have any say in the process?

Yes. We know this will be a big change for some of our community and we welcome your suggestions on how we can make this transition easier for everyone. Watch for more information on surveys and focus groups taking place soon. If you are interested in attending a focus group, contact Jordana Cristini, Wellness Coordinator, Athletics and Recreation at

What if I need help with the transition to a smoke-free campus?

While our properties will become smoke free on January 1, we are not asking students and staff to stop smoking. But, if you do want to cut back on your smoking or stop altogether, or want to learn more about nicotine addiction and nicotine replacement therapy, we suggest you visit a family physician and/or take advantage of resources. To get you started, we’ve listed below a few sources below:

Leave the Pack Behind is an online resource for information about smoking and quitting, personalized support.

The Ontario government’s Support to Quit Smoking webpage offers multiple resources and links to other resources.

The Canadian Cancer Society’s is a free, confidential service that offers evidence-based, non-judgmental and personalized support and information about quitting smoking and tobacco use. 1-877-513-5333.

To access resources or if you are interested in attending a focus group, contact Jordana Cristini, Wellness Coordinator, Athletics and Recreation at

To learn more please read Centennial's Smoke-Free Policy and Smoke-Free Enforcement Procedures.

For general questions, please email