Show Your Pride - Submissions Wanted!

June marks Pride Month, an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ communities, and further our commitment to create more inclusive spaces for all individuals that identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and 2-Spirited. Keep your eye out for upcoming virtual programming to celebrate Pride throughout the month of June!

On June 25, Centennial College will host a Virtual Pride Watch Party, featuring celebratory performances and entertainment, opportunities to build connections, as well as information about pertinent resources and support at the College and in the wider community for LGBTQ2S+ staff, students and allies.

As a part of the Virtual Pride festivities, we are asking for submissions from students and alumni to Show Your Pride! The #ShowYourPrideCC challenge is a fun virtual way to continue the Pride celebrations at home. Bring the glitz & glam to the camera and participate in whatever way makes you comfortable! We want to see the before & after of your Pride gear. 

Use Tik Tok to record your Pride transformation video! Use the hashtag #ShowYourPrideCC when you post!

Don’t have Tik Tok? No problem! Simply record the video using your phone. Send your submission to and

The recordings will be featured as a part of a compilation video to be streamed during our Centennial College Virtual Pride watch party. All video submissions should be received by Friday, June 5, 2020 5:00 PM

Not sure how you should record your video? We have some quick instructions below: 

Record Your #ShowYourPrideCC Challenge

  1. Start your video in your ‘home attire’. Bathrobe, bonnet, favourite PJs, it’s up to you! This is your ‘pre-Pride’ look! 
  2. Take an item - any item, such as brush, fan or even your hand and cover the camera lens. Pause or end the first part of your video.
  3. Off-camera, get dressed up and Show Your Pride - it’s your time to shine! Don’t have a Centennial Pride shirt? No problem! Find your most colourful gear from the Pride rainbow colours!
  4. Record the second part of the video. Show the transition, by moving the object back from the camera lens in reverse and revealing your transformation!
  5. Show off your Pride look! We encourage you to record yourself, however you feel comfortable - from showing off your dance moves to waving to the camera - you are welcome to share how you wish!

You Did It!

Submit your video. Post the video using the hashtag #ShowYourPrideCC on Tik Tok or submit the video directly to

*Note - you can use any song to get you into the pride spirit! Audio will not be used in the final compilation video, as all videos will be synched to the same song. 

Not sure how to make a video?

Tik Tok makes it easy to pause your recording during your transformation and add some fancy effects at the click of a button! Alternatively, if using your camera, you may need to record two videos (one in your home attire, and one in your pride transformation). You can merge your two videos into one using tools  such as iMovie or another third-party application.