Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

  • For best results, bring your course materials with you to each appointment.
  • Your tutor will only speak in English with you.
  • Be ready to ask questions and work hard.
  • Tutors will only work on material related to your Centennial courses.
  • Tutoring sessions are not meant to be replacements for your classes.
  • Tutors are going to guide you; they will not do your work for you.
  • Tutors will help you learn how to proofread; they will not proofread your paper.
  • You can book up to two (2) one hour appointments each week. 
  • You can also book unlimited workshops each week.
  • Tutors are obligated to report any cheating, or unethical behaviour such as plagiarism.

Missed Appointments

  • If you miss your appointment, or show up more than 10 minutes late, you will be considered "missed".

  • After three (3) missed appointments in a semester, you will lose access to tutoring services for the rest of the semester.

All students must to abide by the Centennial College Student Conduct Policies