Academic English Policies

Policies and Guidelines

  • Tutoring sessions are conducted in English.
  • Students will identify one topic of focus per session.
  • Students will be prepared to actively engage in the session.
  • Tutoring is available for the courses you are currently enrolled in.
  • Students may book a maximum of two (2) hours of one-on-one tutoring per week.
  • Students may book unlimited workshops.
  • Drop-ins will be accommodated as tutors’ schedules permit.
  • Tutors do not do your homework or assignments.
  • Tutoring is not a substitution for your regular classes.
  • Students are not guaranteed the same tutor each week.
  • Tutors will not assist students who use illegally photocopied textbooks.
  • Tutors do not edit or proofread your work, but will gladly show you how.
  • Tutors are obligated to report any cheating or unethical behavior.

Missed Appointments

  • If you cannot attend an appointment, you must cancel it 12 hours before the appointment, or it will be marked as "missed."
  • If you are late for your appointment by 10 minutes, your appointment will be considered “missed.
  • After two (2) missed appointments, your tutoring privileges will be revoked.

All students must to abide by the Centennial College Student Conduct Policies