College Computers

All registered Centennial College students have access to the College's network services (internet, printing, course software, data directories and storage space). To access these features, students must log in to the network using their student number. Computers at each campus will be loaded with the applications you need for your course requirements.

All registered students are given network storage space (referred to as the "H: drive" or "Home drive") on the College network. This drive is a place where you can store coursework and materials. This drive is accessible when you log in to the College computers. Additionally, as long as you are connected to the Internet, this drive can be accessed from outside of the College through an application called Web Desktop.

Our college has nearly 2100 computers, both Windows and Mac, in 100 general and specialty labs across all campuses. Students can use the labs, as long as classes aren’t scheduled in them.

Classroom Features

In addition to computers labs, there are 153 smart classrooms throughout all campuses. These classrooms feature multimedia equipment contained in a podium, and linked to a ceiling-mounted projector you can control from the podium. This feature allows faculty to present course information in more interactive and convenient ways, and allows students to present electronic presentations in the classroom.

Audiovisual Media

AV Media can help you deliver a dynamic and interactive presentation. Remember to book all equipment, AV Media, DVDs and videos in advance of your presentation, as requests are made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Equipment is strictly for college-related activities, and only to be used on the campus where it is booked.

To book AV Media Equipment, please contact Helpdesk at extension 5280, or email

Campus Software Tracker

Centennial College constantly strives to provide students with industry-leading software. Software packages and bundles can be found in rooms, labs and podiums across our campuses. We have compiled a comprehensive list of software and software packages installed by room and by campus to help you locate the tools you need for academic growth and achievement.

Check out the software applications that each campus has to offer: