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From the second you heard the words "Centennial College" to the day you walk out of our halls, diploma in hand, we’re going to be there for you, no matter what you need. Watch our Road to Success Video for an overview of the many services offered to students at Centennial.

Student Advising Office

Whether you’re a future student or current student, visit the Student Advising Office whenever you need help making sense of your environment. Academic advising can help you find and assess a program that is best for you, bring to light the resources available to you and help you develop strategies for academic success.


Our counsellors can help you plan for your career, develop learning strategies, or just be there when you need to talk to someone. We offer group or individual sessions, where together we can develop academic strategies for your success. We offer career counselling, personal counselling, learning and study skills, crisis intervention, consultation and career planning workshops. Visit the Counselling Centre for more information.


Centennial College Library activities are divided into three streams: Library services, tutoring services and media services. Tutoring services are offered at the Learning Centres situated in or near the Library at each campus. Audiovisual equipment and resources for the classroom are provided from the AV Media Centres in or beside the Library at each campus. Visit the Library website for more information.


Peer tutoring helps when you’re experiencing difficulties in specific courses. You can seek aid from Centennial College students who are in high academic standing and have been recommended by their respective departments. Peer tutoring programs are available on a one-on-one level or in small groups. Tutors will work with you in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Let's Talk

'Let's Talk' English conversation groups are free for all Centennial College students. Visit the Learning Centre for more information.

Career Services

At the Career Services office, our Student Employment Advisors are available at all of Centennial's campuses on an appointment basis to advise you on topics such as resumé and cover letter writing, portfolio development, interview simulations and techniques, job search strategies, feedback in minutes at a Resumé Drop-In Clinic.

Leadership Passport

Have you got what it takes to become a leader? We believe you do, and we want to equip you with the tools and knowledge that will make you a leader in your career and in your life. By completing the components of the Leadership Passport, you will be granted a dual credential that will appear on your official College transcript. You will develop leadership skills while enhancing the career-focused, hands-on training you get in your program of study with theoretical and practical learning that encompasses volunteerism, international educational experience, service learning and much more.

Peer Mentoring

If you are a first-year student who would like to be matched up with a senior student to give you advice and direction for your first year of College, the mentoring program may be right for you. Mentors are here to provide group and individual mentoring, help you transition into your first year of college, connect you to academic and service areas within the college, provide general advice about balancing your school-work-home life, give you advice on scheduling study time and update you on events taking place throughout the college. Visit Peer Mentoring for more information.

Co-operative Education

Co-op gives you full-time work experience in your field of study while you’re a Centennial College student. Help pay for your education and increase your chances of getting a good job (with a higher salary) as a grad. See our Co-operative Programs for more information.

Centre for Students with Disabilities

If you have a documented learning disability, ADD/ADHD, a medical or mental health condition, or physical impairment, the Centre for Students with Disabilities will work with you to identify accommodations needed for you to successfully complete your program requirements. Visit the Centre for Students with Disabilities for more information and to read about the various services available for you.

Student Relations Office

Having concerns or issues with fellow students or teachers? Want to know how to appeal a grade or navigate a College Policy? Need advice on how to handle a difficult situation? The Student Relations Office can help by discussing issues and providing guidance and support to resolve your concerns.

LGBTQ Student Club

The LGBTQ Student Club is a student-run organization dedicated to creating a supportive space at Centennial for students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, or Queer/Questioning. We aim to provide LGBTQ students with peer support, education and social events.

Prayer Rooms

Centennial College offers private rooms for prayers on campus. We offer a welcoming environment for all regardless of their religion, spiritual beliefs or creed. Visit the Prayer Rooms page for the room numbers for each of the Prayer rooms.

Aboriginal Services

Centennial College, as part of its overall commitment to students, wants to connect with Aboriginal communities to help enrich the Aboriginal student experience. We believe that by working together we can make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal students so that they can, in turn, make a difference in their communities. Visit Aboriginal Education Services for more information.