Think Before you Post: Don’t Jeopardize your Job Search!



Networking means meeting with and talking to people who can help you in your search for work, be it by putting in a good word for you, providing insider information about your industry, letting you in on upcoming opportunities or helping to get in contact with the right person.


Online Networking

You can enhance your traditional networking strategy by expanding the process online. You can do this by actively participating in social networks and blogs that allow you to exchange information with people from many different areas, companies, cities and even countries. The boundaries of time and geography are eliminated, so you can contact people from virtually any at any time.


Using Blogs

You can read blogs to discover information that can lead you to potential job leads or information that can help you access the hidden job market. Post comments on a blog to connect to the author or exchange comments and ideas with people working in companies and industries of interest to you to learn more about how to find a job in your field. You could also consider writing your own blog. If done well, a blog could make you stand out in the eyes of employers by showcasing your skills, knowledge, experience, professional attitude and your ability to write.


Using Social Networks

Social networks are online sites that allow you to stay connected to other people and make new connections. You can complete an online profile and invite other people, commonly referred to as “friends” or “contacts” to join your network. Once someone joins your network you can easily see what they are up to, view their recent activities, learn about their interests, post a message or email them. The opportunity to connect with other, meet new people and maintain these connections is limitless.


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