Where do I begin?

Here’s a few tips to help prepare you for career success.

Fill out an Application to Graduate form

When you’ve done it, return it to the Enrollment Services Office at your campus.

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Download a change of name form here.


Know yourself
You are selling a product - you and your skills. Make sure you know the product well.

Know how your skills match those required for the job. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for the job search.

Be your own publicist
Remember, you are marketing yourself.

Be proactive
Do not rely only on the advertised job market.

Networking is your way into the hidden job market that represents 80% of job opportunities. Click here to learn more about networking.

Personalize your job search
Do in-depth research on companies, allowing you to target a specific company, departments or hiring manager and tailor your job search to meet their needs.

Follow up
Maintain consistent contact with the people in your network. Place a phone call after giving out your resume, confirming it was received, and request a meeting when applying for a job. Always follow up offers of assistance and interviews with a thank you e-mail.

Have a good attitude
Remain positive, show interest, enthusiasm and initiative.

And finally,

Always be prepared! 
Preparation gives you the confidence you need to succeed.