Student Engagement Week

picture of Centennial College students sitting in the Progress Campus Courtyard

February 26 to March 2

This semester, Student Engagement Week will feature 5 flagship events to anchor the other learning opportunities during the week. Registration for each of these events will be limited; students will be able to explore and register for events on 'Experience Centennial', our new Campus Engagement App, or find directions on how to register outside the app. Each event will count for a different section of the Leadership Passport (including Leadership Education, Service Learning, Global Citizenship and Equity, and the Creation of a Leadership Product). Be sure to check out the other programming running alongside the flagship events in the full Engagement Week calendar. Details of the flagship events can be found below:

Catalyst by LeaderShape

Catalyst is a one-day program focused on learning to develop your own authentic path, connect to groups and causes you care about, and commit to a plan to be a catalyst for yourself and the groups to which you belong.

The one-day program is packed with exciting activities and engaging curriculum designed to gauge your curiosity, immerse you in small group dialogue, large-group interactions, and personal reflections. You will ponder powerful questions that move you towards action: Am I on the right path? Who do I want to be? How can I connect with other like-minded individuals? You will learn alongside others who share your passion to build leadership capacity and start something extraordinary.

Day of Service

Critical service learning is a deeply immersive and reflexive experience, with purposeful inquiry into systems and structures of inequity, power and privilege, towards both social change and more connected human relations (i.e. engaged citizenship or wigoshiwin).

Join us as we head out into the community to learn the value of critical service learning through engaged service. Students will be able to complete the 'Service Learning' requirement of their leadership passport by attending the day of service.

Global Academy

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Inclusion is launching its newly revisioned Global Academy, a two-day experiential learning opportunity for students who are interested in social entrepreneurship. Do you have a business idea that can also make the world a better place?

The Global Academy is the place for you!

It will provide you with the opportunity to learn from a local social entrepreneur, create an idea in our rapid innovation session, pitch that idea to a panel of industry experts and network with like-minded people. Everyone will receive a Social Entrepreneur Starter Kit and the Winner of the pitch will receive an exciting Prize! All this, plus a tour to a local social enterprise company to gain first-hand knowledge of how to run a successful business.

Please download the Global Academy Application form, fill out all the information and email it to by February 16, 2018, at 5:00 PM. You will be contacted if you have been chosen to attend the Global Academy.

Hero's Journey

What makes a hero? This workshop will explore just that – check out the What makes a hero? video for a head start.

This project will allow students to complete a guided two-step goal setting exercise, in which they are first introduced to the hero's journey and envision their life as such, mapping out critical pieces to their story that adhere to this common narrative structure. From this students will extract a list of specific goals that will help them become the hero of their own story. Students completing the exercise will design and 3D-print a figurine of their heroic alter-ego, meant to serve as a visual reminder of the commitments they made to themselves via the exercise.

Leadership Imagined: What's your story?

As we work to develop the "Centennial Leadership Academy," we are calling upon our students to help shape and build a uniquely Centennial version of Leadership. Through an interactive and creative storytelling workshop, in partnership with the Department of Imaginary Affairs, 30 students will together envision what Centennial's Leadership story is. This is a unique opportunity to be the architects of what will become the foundational stories of Centennial Colleges' future Leadership Academy set to launch in the Fall of 2018.

Leadership Lenses

Show us what leadership means to you!

Calling all students! During Engagement Week (February 26, 2018 to March 2, 2018) interested students are encouraged to submit a photo or 15 second video showcasing acts of leadership spotted on campus. The photo or video submissions will be posted to the Centennial College Leadership Facebook page daily. At the end of Student Engagement Week, a winning photo will be selected and showcased in the Student Success Office display case in the Progress Campus Hub.

What to do: 

Reflect on what leadership means to you. If you see acts of leadership on any of the Centennial College campuses, capture it in a photo or short video and send it to Emma Watson at Please write a description about what the imagery is about and how it portrays your personal definition of leadership.

Please Note: The submissions will be posted to the Centennial College Leadership Facebook Page. In order to be posted, a photo release form of anyone (staff or student) captured in the photo or video must be signed and emailed along with the photo in order to be posted.

If the photo or video does not have any visible faces in it, then no photo release form is required.

Successful completion of a Leadership Lens submission of acceptable quality may be able to be counted as a "Leadership Product" towards completing the Leadership Passport.

-Keep your eyes open, and your camera in hand! Leadership can be found all around us!