Health Plan

Every full-time activity-fee-paying student is covered by the Health Plan.

How to use your Health Plan

For the first six weeks of school, when you receive a prescription from your doctor you must pay at the pharmacy, download the form from the CCSAI website, mail it to Blue Cross and you will receive a cheque in the mail. After this time you simply show your Blue Cross Health Card (available in any CCSAI office) to the pharmacist and 90% of the cost of your prescription, and up to $5 of the dispensing fee will be covered. You must pay the remaining 10% of the prescription cost and the difference in the dispensing fee.

How to add your Family and Dependents

To add your family members, download the form from the CCSAI website and bring it to any CCSAI office. You must submit this form within the first two weeks of each semester.

Important Forms and Information

Health Plan Brochure The Health Plan Brochure lists all services and features of the CCSAI Health Plan as well as how to use the Health Plan.
Claim Form Make claims until you are able to fill your prescription with no cost at the pharmacy.
Dependant Add-on Form Add your dependants to your CCSAI Health Plan.

All forms can be found at the CCSAI website.

Most Common Questions

Q: I'd like to get my teeth cleaned, is this covered by the health plan? 
 Unfortunately no, teeth cleaning is not part of the health plan. The extent of dental coverage in the Health Care Plan is accidental dental. For example, if you fall on the ice and chip a tooth, the repair may be covered. And no, getting a cavity is not considered accidental.

Q: Can I please opt-out of the health plan? 
 You cannot opt-out of the health plan. In order to receive such a low premium (It's only $17.50/semester!), every Centennial College student must participate in the plan.

Q: Why isn't birth control covered?
A: This is a simple matter of economics. Adding birth control to the Health Plan would increase the cost substantially. Multiply the current plan cost by 10 and you'll start to get the idea.