Centennial Advising and Pathways (CAPS)

The purpose of the Student Advising Centre is to enable you to make well-informed educational choices by helping you find programs and courses which are tailored to your overall career and educational goals.

Our advisors will provide you with up-to-date program information and will connect you with the resources on campus which will further aid in your academic enrichment.

Academic advising at Centennial College is provided by a knowledgeable body of faculty and staff who strive to assist you during your transition to Centennial.

Our responsibility:

  • Clarify the process of becoming a student at Centennial College.
  • Help you find the resources which will aid you academically.
  • Select classes which best suit your interests.

How can Academic Advising help me?

Academic advising can help you:

  • Find and assess a program that is best for you.
  • Bring to light the resources available to you.
  • Help you develop strategies for academic success.

Choosing a program may not be as easy as you have anticipated, but that's why we are here. You're initial choice may change during your educational career and if it does, don't worry. This happens more often than you think. You have options available to here at Centennial, feel free to explore them.

By allowing our advisors to be a source of support, together we can achieve success.

If you would like to meet with us, we're ready to listen.