Locker Rentals

Centennial College provides students lockers to store their personal belongings while attending classes. Students may arrange for a locker at their campus at the beginning of each semester. Lockers are available to full-time students, for a rental fee, on a first-come, first-served basis. You may select your locker when you register for classes on myCentennial or through your campus Enrolment Services Office by calling 416-289-5300. You'll need to provide your own lock and occupy the assigned locker only.

Rental Fees
Full Size Lockers $24 for two semesters
Half Size Lockers $18 for two semesters
Fees for additional semesters are pro-rated

Locker rental agreements are terminated immediately upon official withdrawal from your program or after not registering as a full-time student for a semester. Locker rentals that begin in the fall semester will include the winter semester, with an option to extend your rental for the summer semester at an additional fee. Rentals that begin in the winter semester will also include the summer semester.

Please remember to clean out your locker by the end of the term.

Note: The College is not responsible for damage to, or theft of, contents of lockers. The College will dispose of contents left within 14 days of the end of an academic semester based on the length of the locker rental.

Locks that have been placed on a locker by someone other than the person who paid the locker rental fee are considered to be illegally occupied and will be removed. The contents of an illegally occupied locker will be held by Campus Security until the penalty fee is paid. The College will dispose of such contents within 14 days of the seizure.