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Same first-year classes allow flexibility

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The School of Business offers similar course for students in most programs, many of which have the same courses throughout the first year. This provides a lot of flexibility for students to learn the fundamentals in business and explore their interests further in their first year, prior to specializing in their own fields. Additionally, students can also transfer between two-year diploma programs, three-year diploma programs, and the co-op option.

The business programs with similar first three semesters are the following three-year programs: Business Administration, Business Administration – Entrepreneurship, Business Administration – Business Operations Management, Business Administration – Human Resources, Business Administration – International Business, and Business Administration – Marketing. The co-op option is the same as their non-co-op three year counterparts, except for the co-op work terms. All of these advanced diploma programs have two-year program counterparts, except Entrepreneurship and Human Resources, in which students can easily transfer from two to three years and vice versa. With very little variance, the two-year programs have the same first three semesters as well, allowing Centennial to easily accept transfer credits.

A variety of reasons may trigger a transfer of programs within the School of Business, and Centennial aims to accommodate students by allowing easy transfer of credits, in turn providing time efficiency and money-saving paths for program transfers. Here are some reasons why students may consider a transfer:
• Students who wish to enter the workplace faster may opt for the two-year program, instead of the three-year program they originally enrolled in.
• Some put a high value on education and want to accomplish higher credentials, so they want to continue their two-year programs to a three-year program.
• Students in two-year or three-year programs may choose to gain practical working experience through co-operative education, so they can transfer to the co-op advanced diploma program.
• Their choice of business discipline may not match their strengths, interests, and preferences, so they choose to change their programs to another business program.

With the similar first year, business students of all disciplines interact with one another, helping them decide which area of business suits them best. The courses in the first year provide foundations to the specialized programs, which will also help students to decide which area of business they want to pursue in their career.