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Paralegal students participate in intercollegiate mock trial

Five female students studying at the Pickering site.


Centennial’s Paralegal students are getting a lot of moot practice. This past November, students participated in the first annual Paralegal Society of Ontario (PSO) Student Moot Competition. This semester, six students from the Paralegal program participated in Durham College’s Paralegal Mock Trial Cup. The Mock Trial Competition took place at the Oshawa Court House on March 7 and 8, 2014. It tested the students’ knowledge and advocacy skills.

The team finished in second place, comprising of team members Anna Rudkovska, Roshan Odina, Adam Brooks, Ilhan Mete, Caitlyn Carpe, and Fabricio Mejia. Their coaches were Centennial faculty members Michelle Pinto, a Licensed Paralegal, and Omar Ha-Redeye, a Toronto Lawyer who judged the Twitter Moot 2014.

The Paralegal program is a graduate certificate program with a field placement for two days a week during the third semester. Students are introduced to the Canadian Legal System and are learn various processes and best practices in the legal environment. Program Coordinator Patti-Ann Sullivan says that there are a lot of opportunities for Paralegals.

"Numerous people wish to become Paralegals. And the fact now that the Small Claims Court limit has been raised from $10,000 to $25,000, and also the fact that Law Clerks can't go to Small Claims, only Paralegals can, will broaden the scope of practice for any Paralegal student,” says Sullivan.