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Foundations in business principles a defining factor to success

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Business fundamentals may not be so basic. Students in the business and management area of the School of Business are required to take the Fundamentals of Business (BUSN 119) course to prepare them for specialized studies in different business functions. The first-semester course guides students in basic business concepts and practices of Canadian firms in the domestic and international markets.

Human Resources student Jeff Crompton finds the course teachings more in-depth than anticipated. Although the foundations learned in Fundamentals of Business are all-encompassing, the course goes into detail with each topic. As a new student to business courses, Jeff finds that the information he is learning is not so common knowledge. He recalls having heard of some of the theories for the first time.

Other students in Jeff’s class acknowledge the importance of the business foundations course. Allecia Wallace enjoys the course since it explains the many facets of business, exploring strategies which provide explanations for business tactics used in operational levels. Meanwhile, Leyla Rajabi also likes the class and its presentation of information.

The students’ professor, George Evans, brings this course to life. The course materials are geared towards course expectations. George ask students for feedback, which he incorporates to improve his class and teaching methods. Students have described him as a very helpful and engaging professor, who makes course content interesting and easy to understand, especially if the student is new to the subject matter. George is one of the faculty members who teach the Fundamentals of Business course, and he has set a good example of what many Centennial professors do: creating an en engaging and interactive learning environment.