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Four reasons to take a part-time business course

picture of Centennial College Part-time Learning business students in class presenting

Education is everyone's right, no matter what phase of your life you're in. Not every student comes straight out of high school, and not every student has the ability to put their education first, usually due to work. Whether you're a young person who wants (or needs) money, or someone with a well-developed career that wants to keep their position, work isn't something you can just drop. That's why Part-time Learning in Toronto exists at Centennial, and if you're interested in becoming more involved in the marketing side of your career, Business Management - Marketing could be the career enhancement you need.

1. You don't have to quit your job

Like the rest of our part-time programming, this part-time business program is designed with the idea that the students taking it have other responsibilities, including work. That's why the classes are scheduled on evenings and weekends, letting you hold your 9-5 job down. If you're already a working professional, you don't have to upend your career.

2. You can climb the ladder in your company

The reason you won't quit your job for school is to not lose the career you've got, and that connects to the reason you want to take Business Management: Advancing the career you have. Not everyone goes to college fresh out of high school, and if you're been in the workplace for years, and feel like your career is stalling, business education is a good way to get it moving. The fact that you're learning new skills is something employers appreciate, and learning them at Centennial College will give you visible credit that you've earned these new skills

3. You can change careers, and even become independent

Similarly, maybe you're not keen on where you are in your career, and want to change jobs, but are too practical to just quit the work you're doing. After all, you need to get paid to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. Part-time education in general, and Business specifically can help you learn the skills for a new career, while you still earn money in the career you have. In Business Management - Marketing, the skills you pick up include management, pricing, distribution, promotion, and creative execution, and the classes you take include finance, marketing and organization, with electives you can specialize in that include management and market research. If, for example, you were looking to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, this would be a good place to begin.

4. You'll learn real, practical skills

The nature of business means you'll be in lectures and discussion to learn the technical parts of it. However, there's also a practical side to the program, where you get on your feet and actively practice the skills you'll eventually be using. These include laboratory assignments, and hands-on activities that help develop your ability to work in a team. The idea is to get you working on the things you'll now be working on in your changed or enhanced career, which Centennial College's programming can give you.

By Anthony Geremia