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Four reasons why human resources is more important than you think

Picture of a Centennial College Human Resources Management program student talking on their phone

If you're new to the job market, your main experience with Human Resources Management is probably them calling you regarding your resumé for a job. The popular conception of Human Resource Jobs are that they're responsible for hiring (and firing) employees. But there's more to it than that. Sites like Chron and Human Resource Excellence discuss why Human Resources is such an important career. It's about more than just who gets hired. Indeed, it's an essential role to the smooth operations of virtually any business. Here's why:

1. People are a company's most valuable asset

In Centennial College's Human Resources Management program, we emphasize that a successful organization is only as good as its people. Without competent people to run an industry, it will fall apart. This is particularly true of small businesses, where every person may be called upon to fill multiple roles. As a HR manager, you take care of this important fact, and control the one thing that makes a business possible, ensuring the right people are hired, and that they receive the proper support at work.

2. You're a conflict-solver

Even if everyone at a company likes each other, Conflict is inevitable. As an HR manager, you'll be specifically trained to identify and solve these conflicts, letting everyone work in harmony with each other. Courses within this School of Business offering will make extensive use of case studies, simulations and project-based learning to help prepare students for real workplace situations. Speaking of that...

3. You keep everyone content

Employee satisfaction comes down to you, since happy people work better. Luckily, that satisfaction isn't a random, ambiguous thing, but can be measured with surveys, focus groups, and interviews. You can use them to learn what makes employees happy or unhappy, and adjust company policies accordingly.

4. You keep everyone trained

Learning is a lifelong journey, and in HR, you're responsible for keeping everyone in your business up to date on the latest technology and best practices when it comes to technology, safety, and the business itself.

Human Resource Management at Centennial College can teach you the skills needed to fillet this role. The program lasts for a year, and shows you how to become the kind of expert that can accomplish these tasks. Its courses are officially accredited by the Human Resource Professionals Association (HRPA), and you finish the program eligible to earn the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation, which further signals your qualifications. Joining up will make you one of the most important people in a company, maintaining its most important component.

By Anthony Geremia