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Become your own boss with Entrepreneurship

picture of a Centennial College Part-time Learning Business Management Entrepreneurial program student in class

Centennial College doesn't just teach skills. It also enables anyone with business ideas to develop them, and make them into reality. In a shaky job market, starting your own business is becoming a popular method of getting a career going. After all, if you can't find work, why not make your own? All you really need is an idea, and to find the tools and skills to make that idea into a reality. That's the idea behind entrepreneurship, making and starting your own business. Centennial College supports entrepreneurship, and believes that we can give you the skills you need to get your business off the ground. Business Management - Entrepreneurial is for anyone looking for a broad knowledge of business administration, and wants to specialize in the area of Entrepreneurial studies.

The program begins by teaching you a foundation of business skills through its Financial Accounting, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management programs. You'll learn how to manage a business's money, and its most important asset: The people behind it. From there, you get to make a choice and branch out into whatever area of Entrepreneurship interests you, with courses including Business Law, which familiarizes you with the Canadian legal system as it pertains to business and industry, Business Culture and Collaborative Practices, which is all about communication, be it through group activities, research, or web communications, Entrepreneurship, a crash course on all the advice you need to know when starting that business up,and Fundamentals of Operations Management, an overhead view of the strategies, management and planning behind a business.

Centennial's School of Business aims to equip the next generation of young professionals for success. These efforts have produced a number of award-winning alumni who have received credit for their achievements, and by joining this program, you can become one of them.