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Guide to Accessing Centennial Campuses

Guide to Accessing Centennial Campuses

Due to the emergence of the Omicron variant and subsequent guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health, we have decided to start the winter semester with a more limited return-to-campus plan than previously anticipated. With the exception of a small number of classes, all in-person, non-lab classes will move online to begin the Winter 2022 semester in January.

All in-person labs, clinics and studios will continue in person, with a focus on health and safety measures, including continued enhanced and extensive cleaning of labs and common spaces, as well as strict adherence to our Immunization policy and return-to-campus guidelines.

The following guide is for those limited numbers of students and staff who need to be in person at any Centennial College campus or satellite location.

A. Requirements to Access Centennial Campuses

Full vaccination is required. All members of the College community who come to campus will need to provide proof of full vaccination with a World Health Organization (WHO) or Government of Canada approved vaccine.

Exemptions are limited. The College will only permit exemptions to full vaccination for those who cannot be vaccinated based on medical needs or choose not to be vaccinated for creed/religious reasons. These will be the only unvaccinated individuals permitted on campus – there will be very few.

Additional requirements for unvaccinated individuals. Unvaccinated individuals, partially vaccinated individuals and those with exemptions will also need to (a) complete a COVID-19 educational module and (b) provide a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours prior to entering the campus

B. Step-by-Step Process for Accessing Centennial College Campuses

  1. DOCUMENTATION. Upload documentation to the Centennial Safety Watch App [desktop version] EITHER:
    • Proof of full or partial vaccination; OR
    • Request for Exemption Form (medical or religion/creed).
  2. PRE-SCREEN. Pass the COVID-19 pre-screening assessment on the Centennial Safety Watch App [desktop version].

Those who are not fully vaccinated (i.e., those who are partially vaccinated or exempt based on medical or religious/creed grounds) must also provide:

NEGATIVE TEST. Provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of entering campus. Rapid antigen tests or molecular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are accepted.

EDUCATIONAL MODULE. Provide proof of completing a COVID-19 educational module. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on Centennial website for details on how to complete.

For everyone on campuses:

  • PUBLIC HEALTH MEASURES. Our Return to Campus Guidelines are still in effect, meaning mask wearing and frequent hand-washing and sanitization remain expected behaviours and are currently still required from a Toronto Public Health directive.
  • While we maintain enhanced air ventilation, some community members will have various personal space needs. Please respect others, allowing as much distance as possible until you establish a mutual understanding of comfort.

C. Supporting the Transition: Additional Information

There is a lot of pandemic information and it is changing quickly, but we aim to communicate with you as regularly and fulsomely as possible in order to make navigation easy and clear for you. In this regard, there is some additional information to be aware of:

Some Winter 2022 semester courses have changed from on-campus to online learning

Based on public health guidance and COVID-19 case data, we will, on Friday, January 28, provide an update on our approach to the remainder of the semester. It is our hope that we will be able to reconsider our position and begin to open up again slowly and safely, which, would ideally commence on Monday, February 28. Again however, this decision will be informed by the public health situation at that time.

To confirm whether your classes will begin online or in person, consult our Winter 2022 Full-Time Program Delivery page.

Resource page with answers to your questions now available.

In anticipation of your questions, and also in response to questions that were submitted, we have created a specific section on our website to guide you as you plan to come onto campus, including an FAQ page specific to our Vaccination Policy and Procedures. Please check this page regularly as it will be continually updated.

Students who have specific questions about Centennial’s Immunization Policy can contact the College’s Call Centre at 416-289-5300 or for clarification. At any time, you can reach out with other specific information needs.

D. The Health and Safety of our Community is Paramount

We are making strides as a society towards ending COVID-19 – but we remain in a pandemic and must remain vigilant and focused on the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community. Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health has clearly stated that full vaccination is our way out of the pandemic.

As a result, we empathize that some may be apprehensive towards vaccination based on (a) impacts of enduring racism and trusting intuitions or (b) needs with respect to accessing clear/trustworthy information or making appointments. In this regard, we are committed to providing support for our community and will be establishing forums to navigate the information based on lived experiences and mobilizing pop-up clinics in partnership with local health agencies.

As a community that also values obligations to society and responsible citizenship, we believe that those who are eligible and able must do what we can to protect those vulnerable in our community (particularly youth under 12 years of age, the immunocompromised and those who medically cannot be vaccinated). We must do our part to get to the other side of the pandemic as quickly as possible in recognition of the lives and livelihoods that have suffered – and build a new normal for all to thrive.

It is for this reason that Centennial College has elected to take the elevated steps detailed above – notably testing within 48 hours and only providing exemptions for those medically unable to be vaccinated. 

While we hope to have provided some clarity, you will undoubtedly still have questions and concerns. Please know that we are doing our level best to stay on top of them and to provide answers that are as fulsome as possible, given we are still navigating a somewhat changing landscape.

Thank you again to those of you who have been fully vaccinated or are on your way to being so. It is our best way out of this pandemic.