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April 13-17

April 13-17


Update: April 14, 2020, 8:37 AM

A sweet note to the community, Students turn to video homework and Keeping in Shape

Dear Centennial College Community Member,

Welcome back! I hope that you were able to unplug from work and study and enjoy some much-needed time to unwind this long weekend. The last several weeks have consumed many of us in a whirlwind of additional activity and new initiatives. All of which has ensured academic continuity and safeguarded the health and safety of our community, but has, in the process, left many of us feeling very tired and in need of some time out. Hopefully the long weekend gave you the chance to renew and revitalise. For me personally, it meant I was able to spend some quality time with my eight year old boy. Amongst other things, he plays a mean game of Connect!

By now, you are well versed about the challenges our students and our entire organization have faced and the creative and comprehensive approaches we have taken to address these challenges.  While it all remains very fluid and we continue to keep our finger on the pulse, I thought I would seize this opportunity to extend the long weekend spirit and shine a light on some members of our community who have found, or expanded on, their creative voice, and to encourage more of it!

A sweet note to the community

Our School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts came together – online, of course – to put together an uplifting video for their students. It certainly did the trick. Aptly entitled Sugar, Sugar – the 1969 Archies’ hit – it’s a sweet reminder of why we are all here. I shared the video clip with our Board who felt this was a great spirited video. I think you will agree!

Watch Sugar, Sugar by the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts

Students turn to video homework

How do students adapt a Global Citizenship & Equity (GCE) skills assignment to fit the present "teaching at a distance" delivery model? Celestine Eagle, a faculty member in the Dance Performance program, shares a couple of creative examples of recent work submitted by  her students. "We usually do a dance around a global issue; however, due to the situation, I gave the students an option of presenting their chosen GCE concern in a video presentation," she writes. Do take a look at these inventive presentations:

Watch Ocean Pollution

Watch Global Citizenship Assignment - Choreo

Keeping in shape

Lastly, I would encourage you all to follow @Colts_highperformance on Instagram. Run by the athletic therapists and their field placement students, the handle features student athletes posting daily workout videos, nutrition tips and practical wellness advice and resources. This has been a great way to involve our student athletes, as well to provide helpful and healthful tips to our whole community.

In short, there is oodles of creativity taking place within our community, despite the challenges we face. Perhaps even more creativity than ever before, in every nook and cranny of this gem of an institution, be it in the form of video work, photography, art or the written word. What I have shared here are some great examples, but I am only just beginning to scratch the surface. If you have created something artistic, compelling, or simply fun, and you would like to share it with the Centennial family, please email Jennifer Hann at We will make sure we continue to share more of your creative pieces, in whatever form you choose to create. We could all use a reason to smile these days.

Take care, enjoy your week and thank you, for your ongoing commitment, creativity and flexibility. It is very much appreciated.

Craig Stephenson

President and CEO, Centennial College


Update: April 13, 2020

Centennial COVID-19 Relief Bursary

Application Opens at 7:00 PM Tonight!

We know that the COVID–19 pandemic has had a dramatic financial impact on many people, particularly students, and has resulted in lost wages or unplanned expenses.

The COVID-19 Relief Bursary will provide eligible students with some relief, notably to purchase food and/or to purchase internet access in order to engage in learning at a distance.


You are eligible if, between March 16 and April 17, you were enrolled in a Ministry-approved program (full-time or part-time) at Centennial College and experienced one or both of the following:

  • Lost income, either from your employment or from the employment of a family member you are financially dependent on.
  • The need to purchase internet access for your courses online.

Before you begin your application, please have the following ready for upload and input:

  • A Record of Employment or letter (from your employer or the employer for the family member that you are being supported by) that confirms lost wages between March 16 and April 17.           
  • Internet bill as evidence that purchase was required in March or April for learning at a distance.
  • Due to COVID-19 social distancing, bursaries will be awarded via direct deposit to your Canadian bank account. Have your banking information available to submit online at the time of application.

Login to myCentennial and access the application at 7:00 PM!

The COVID-19 Relief Bursary is just one part of many College supports (from counselling and advising, through to learning strategies and tutoring) that are now offered online for your needs. These can all be found conveniently on our Student Success Resource webpage.

In addition, you may have access to additional funding available through Employment Insurance or the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). We encourage you to visit the websites and engage with their forums for further information.