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August 3-7

August 3-7


Update: August 7, 2020, 10:00 AM

Temperature Screening Pilot Program - Morningside Campus

As part of our continued efforts to protect the health and safety of our College community, Centennial College will adopt a phased approach to conducting temperature screening upon entry to its campuses. Beginning tomorrow, we will pilot the Temperature Screening Program at our Morningside campus only.

Temperature screening will be administered to all individuals who seek entry to Morningside campus. Please note, anyone refusing to partake in the screening process will not be permitted to proceed beyond the checkpoint.

Temperature screening will only be completed by the appropriately trained personnel using a non-contact infrared digital thermometer. Prior to screening, any obstructions to the forehead must first be cleared (e.g. hair, headwear, perspiration, etc.). For those wearing any type of headwear or face covering that blocks the thermometer from taking a temperature reading, a private area will be offered for that individual to take their own temperature. The person administering the screening will then check the temperature reading upon their return.

Those with temperatures below 37.8° Celsius (100° Fahrenheit) will be able to proceed beyond the checkpoint. Those with temperatures at or above 37.8° Celsius on the first temperature screening will be asked to wait ten minutes in a nearby designated waiting area. If the individual’s second temperature screening is verified at 37.8° Celsius or higher, they will not be permitted to proceed beyond the checkpoint. In such cases, the individual will receive a handout with Toronto Public Health resources and will be asked to leave the campus.