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February 22-26

February 22-26


February 25, 2021

Your Good News Bulletin

Virtual disaster simulation tests first responders 

Every winter semester the School of Community and Health Studies organizes a mock disaster exercise to put our students through their paces in a realistic simulation designed to test first responders and even hospitals. With the pandemic continuing to unfold this winter, our Police Foundations and Pre-Service Fire faculty, along with our Life and Safety Management team, ran our first-ever Virtual Disaster Tabletop Exercise with more than 120 students participating on February 18. Led by Police Foundations professors Chris Collins and Howie Page, the team simulated an emergency event involving an active shooter. Students worked collaboratively and inter-professionally to respond to the incident hosted on the Zoom platform. This hands-on simulation put students to the test using their critical thinking and decision-making skills to manage a disaster. By all accounts their learning experience through the Virtual Disaster exercise was powerful, challenging and unforgettable.

Incarcerated women study remotely with Centennial

Centennial College has partnered with the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener to offer our Addictions Work Certificate to incarcerated women who are interested in learning more about addictions and who wish to work in the addictions field in the future. The program was launched last September and is now offering our fourth course of the certificate, with 12 to 15 students enrolled in each course. The certificate serves as a pathway to our Addiction and Mental Health Worker Diploma program, with the opportunity to transfer credits if students wish to continue their post-secondary education.

Studies have shown that participation in any post-secondary education while incarcerated decreases recidivism (re-offending) by 40 to 70 per cent, while completion of a full post-secondary program can decrease recidivism by 70 to 100 per cent. This partnership project is possible thanks to Correctional Service Canada Corcan, which is funding the cost of tuition, books and learning supplies. Denise Halsey, Coordinator of the Addictions Work Certificate, is teaching these courses synchronously at GVI through webcasting technology. It’s another example of Centennial transforming lives through teaching and learning, removing barriers and opening doors for future career success.

Inclusive Teaching Curriculum Innovation Week, March 1-5

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion is hosting its virtual Inclusive Teaching Curriculum Innovation Week, March 1-5. The week is dedicated to engaging Centennial faculty in a series of interactive workshops that will identify and devise strategies, tools and resources for integrating equity into the curriculum. Sessions will cover program areas such as the integration of Global Citizenship and Equity learning, Globally Networked Learning opportunities, the newly launched Universal Design for Learning Standards at the College, and a new session on disrupting systemic bias in curriculum design. Learn more about Inclusive Teaching and Curriculum Innovation Week.

Transforming the Future

Do you want to make Centennial more sustainable, more accessible and more exciting? Every semester the Centennial College Student Association (CCSAI) pledges up to $100,000 to support transformational projects. All you have to do is put together a proposal for an initiative that you feel will make a difference on campus for years to come. The CCSAI leadership reviews all of the submissions and funds the very best ideas. In the recent past the TTF program has added take-a-book/leave-a-book boxes, 100% recycled-material outdoor seating at Ashtonbee and SAC, bicycle repair stations, trug and community gardens, nap pods and mobile charging stations across our campuses. Proposals will be accepted throughout the semester to help students, staff and faculty transform Centennial College. Submit your Transforming the Future Proposal.

The future of public relations subject of student podcast

“The Future of Public Relations Looks Like Us” is a Story Arts Centre Storyworks initiative for the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms. Led by a team of Centennial’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications postgraduate students and professor Donna Lindell, this podcast series explores diversity, equity and inclusion in the public relations industry. Discover the past, present and future of PR through the eyes of experienced and emerging PR professionals and students. Listeners will learn about diverse figures of PR’s past that have shaped the industry for BIPOC professionals. Misconceptions and opportunities are explored. The series closes by emphasizing the bright future PR professionals and students see for the growing diversity within the industry. Have a listen to Episode 1. The series is available through Google Podcasts, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud and Spotify.