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May 25-29

May 25-29


Update: May 27, 2020, 2:33 PM

Your Good News Bulletin

Centennial named one of six semi-finalists for global award

Ashoka U has selected Centennial College as one of six semi-finalists for its #MillionsofChangemakers Award. The award recognizes the initiative that has the greatest potential to spark #MillionsofChangemakers if adopted across higher education. Led by the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion, Centennial participated in #MillionsofChangemakers by committing to deliver targeted programming for students, such as Impact Institute, Global Citizens Get Hired, How to Be a Social Innovator, Leading for Change and Global Citizens Take Action, amongst others. These changemaking initiatives offered a variety of engaging experiences for students in order to meet learners’ needs at various stages of their changemaking journeys. The initiative exceeded the target of increasing Centennial student participation by 25 per cent in 2019-2020. For all the details, read our story.

Transportation students successfully meet Ministry requirements

After our campuses closed in March, School of Transportation faculty and staff deftly adjusted their programs, using technology to teach at a distance, to allow apprentices to continue their skills training and meet the 80 per cent benchmark set by the Ministry. By the end of April, 16 of the 18 apprenticeship classes managed to complete their requirements, although some skills are left to be practiced in the workplace. Additionally, Transport Canada has accepted that our Aviation Technician training is sufficient to meet the objectives of its training standard. The practical tasks which could not be completed will not negatively affect students’ ability to graduate or begin their apprenticeship. Transport Canada has issued a one-time approval to all Winter 2020 graduating students which allows final semester evaluations to be completed through online delivery. A maximum of 17 months accreditation will be given to eligible students, which includes providing both experience and technical examination credit.

Journalism professor writes about society’s fear of masks

Centennial College journalism professor Sadiya Ansari wrote a fascinating article in Maclean’s magazine about society’s collective fear of masks, which is especially evident during the pandemic. In it Sadiya points out that “instead of seeing masks as a form of communal protection, masks evoke panic.” Readers also get a history lesson: “The use of masks by medical professionals dates back at least to the 17th century, when European doctors facing the plague wore headgear with ‘beaks’ half-a-foot long or so, filled with herbs that were incorrectly believed to prevent transmission of the virus.” You can read the entire column here

Story Arts Centre faculty speaks to CBC about museums 

Dr. Phaedra Livingstone, professor and coordinator of Centennial’s Museum and Cultural Management graduate certificate program, was featured on CBC Radio last week answering questions about the state of museums in Canada and around the world during the present pandemic. Phaedra did a series of interviews for CBC affiliate stations from Sudbury to Whitehorse in the Yukon, but did not speak on air in Toronto. Her expertise as a college professor and co-editor of the magazine Museum Anthropology made her an invaluable resource for the broadcast. 


Update: May 25, 2020, 12:03 PM

Monday Message from Craig Stephenson, President and CEO

Dear Centennial College Community Members,

I’ve taken a slightly different approach with my Monday Message this week, as this week’s message is, first and foremost, for our students.

At this time, the start of the summer semester, I wanted to welcome new and returning students who have displayed tremendous courage and determination to continue on their educational journey, even during these tumultuous times. It takes real fortitude to forge ahead while uncertainty looms. They need to know that they have a caring, student-centred community behind them every step of the way – and it goes without saying, they certainly do!

Thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do for this gem of an institution, and for our students.

With great respect and appreciation,

Dr. Craig Stephenson
President and CEO, Centennial College