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September 6-10

September 6-10


September 9, 2021

Your Good News Bulletin

2021-2025 Academic Plan is our road map for next five years

Centennial’s 2021-2025 Academic Plan, Building Leaders and Changemakers, outlines the college’s Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) and functions as our road map for transformational teaching and learning over the next five years. Equally important, our plan outlines priority actions we will collectively take to reach our bold vision beyond the five-year timeframe. Student and community feedback has been resounding positive, and we want to make this foundational document even more visible and accessible to all. Over the summer, a highly skilled and motivated group of our post-grad certificate Public Relations – Corporate Communications students created a campaign aimed at informing, engaging and inspiring students, industry partners, employers and other stakeholders about our Academic Plan.

The campaign was developed entirely by the students for their Storyworks course, a unique offering at the Story Arts Centre that pairs students with real clients for genuine experiential learning. Launching in mid-September, we invite you to follow along on Instagram, @CentennialCollege, and be part of the change. Please encourage your students to participate and learn more about our amazing initiatives, programs and resources supporting our collective journey toward achieving our Wildly Important Goals. For important reminders and resources, please check Centennial’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Follow our conversation on social media over the next three weeks and discover how Centennial’s Academic Plan was created to actualize our promise of “academic excellence today, career success tomorrow, and global leadership for life.”

Fine amnesty: Return all library materials this month and pay no late fees

Our Libraries and Learning Centres recognize that the past year was extremely challenging and it greatly impacted all members of the Centennial community. To help minimize some of the stress and anxiety we're all experiencing, campus libraries will be offering a “Fine-Free September.” During this month you can return any items, no matter when they were borrowed, and you will not be charged any late or overdue fines. In addition, the Libraries and Learning Centres will eliminate any existing late and overdue fines for all patrons in the hopes of alleviating undue hardship. During these times of uncertainty, we recognize that it's important to come together and lift each other up. As the Libraries and Learning Centres re-open, we would like to welcome back the Centennial community to our spaces and usher in a new period of learning, lending and literacy. Visit the Libraries and Learning Centre’s website to learn more about how to return your items, as well as other services and resources offered this fall.

HEQCO awards $144K to build global employability skills

Centennial College has been awarded two-year funding by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) to evaluate Intercultural Intelligence as a key global employability skill among Centennial students. Led by our Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion, the research will employ evidence-based mixed methods to assess transferable competency-based global employability skills that prepare students for a rapidly changing global economy across diverse industries through Centennial’s new Global Skills Digital Badge program. 

Centre of Entrepreneurship introduces framework to support entrepreneurial students

The future of work is changing and our students are keen to acquire new skills to ensure they’re ready. Launching this fall, Centennial’s Centre of Entrepreneurship (COE) is providing a new set of transformational co-curricular offerings to support career success. Students can now pursue five streams of entrepreneurial readiness, from introductory orientations and hackathon-style events to hands-on programs with business owners and a senior management team. There are 12 high-profile entrepreneurship coaches with expertise in engineering technology, food services, compassionate entrepreneurship and the arts, among other areas, to provide targeted expertise for for-profit ventures. Those interested in social entrepreneurship – “changemaking” ventures focused on greater good for all – will be excited to know that our United Nations Sustainable Development Goals programming is returning with new ways to get involved. For details about our new entrepreneurship programming, take a look at the video on the Centre of Entrepreneurship website.