Food and Nutrition Management 1607

"The Food and Nutrition Management program was pivotal in my success in the field - it equipped me with valuable knowledge and practical skills to succeed in a highly competitive industry.  Teachers are very informative and highly connected to the vast partners in the field - allowing for valuable insight, input and education which open doors to great career opportunities".
Nancy Au,
Food and Nutrition Managment Graduate, 2013

About Centennial
Established as Toronto's first public college in 1966, Centennial College offers programs in business, communications, community and health studies, science and engineering technology, general arts, hospitality and transportation.
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Program code: 1607
School: School of Community and Health Studies
Credential: Ontario College Diploma
Program Type: Post-secondary program
Program Length: 2 years/ 4 semesters
Start Date: Fall, Winter
Location: Morningside Campus
Tel: 416-289-5303

Centennial Food and Nutrition Management graduates are equipped to pursue challenging careers as managers in the dynamic and growing healthcare and food service industry. With knowledge of nutrition and food service, business skills and human relations skills, they are prepared to work in the nutrition department of a hospital, long-term care facility, or other food or nutrition-related industry. 

The program has received the President’s Academic Program Recognition Award for Preparation for Job Market, Student Satisfaction, Graduate Satisfaction,  Employer Satisfaction and Quality of The Learning Experience.
This is the longest established two-year post-secondary Food and Nutrition Management program in the Greater Toronto Area. Accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), graduates are eligible for membership in the CSNM and the Ontario Society of Nutrition Management. CSNM membership is a requirement of the Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to work in a long-term care facility and many acute care facilities.

Global Citizenship and Equity Portfolio
Students in this program will develop a portfolio documenting their engagement with the College's signature global citizenship and equity competencies.  For more information on Global Citizenship and Equity, the GC&E Portfolio and the supports available to you, please visit

With the growing aging population, there is a vast interest in proper nutrition and health to meet the demands of the healthcare industry. Learn to combine food service administration and healthcare to interpret, apply nutritional needs and principles to promote health. This program will also teach the importance of sanitation of food, human resources and financial management as you participate as a team member in the provision of quality care.

Menu planning, large quantity cooking and food labs are an integral part of the designing of a menu and some of life’s most important meals to achieve adequate nutrition. From recipe development to medical nutrition therapy, you’ll gain all the specialized knowledge required to work in Healthcare.

Semester 1 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
COMM-160/COMM-161 College Communications 1 Morningside Campus
FNMT-100 Principles of Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene Morningside Campus
FNMT-101 Introduction to Computing Morningside Campus
FNMT-105 Kitchen Production Morningside Campus
FNMT-108 Introduction to Food Services Morningside Campus
FNMT-109 Nutrition 1 Morningside Campus
FNMT-117 Mathematics for Food Service Management Morningside Campus
GNED-171 Perspectives on Human Aging Morningside Campus

Semester 2 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
COMM-170/COMM-171 College Communications 2 Morningside Campus
FNMT-110 Nutrition 2 Morningside Campus
FNMT-112 Food Properties Analysis Morningside Campus
FNMT-115 Purchasing for the Food Services Industry Morningside Campus
FNMT-201 Communications and Interprofessional Approaches in Health Care and Food Services Morningside Campus
FNMT-208 Food Service Accounting Morningside Campus
GNED-500 Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action Morningside Campus

Semester 3 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
FNMT-202 Organizational Behaviour in Food Services Morningside Campus
FNMT-206 Medical Nutrition Therapy Morningside Campus
FNMT-207 Facilities Planning and Design Morningside Campus
FNMT-210 Marketing and Merchandising for Food Services Operations Morningside Campus
FNMT-211 Supervision Practices Morningside Campus
FNMT-223 Food Services Systems Management Morningside Campus
GNED General Education Elective Morningside Campus

Semester 4 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
FNMT-203 Human Resources Management in Food Services Morningside Campus
FNMT-213 Recipe Development and Costing Morningside Campus
FNMT-216 Health Care Menu Planning Morningside Campus
FNMT-217 Field Placement Morningside Campus
FNMT-219 Professional Practice Seminar Morningside Campus
FNMT-220 Nutrition Assessment and Counseling Techniques Morningside Campus
FNMT-221 Financial Management Morningside Campus

Career Outlook

The primary focus of the program is to prepare you for career opportunities in healthcare. There is a continuous need for qualified food service managers in Ontario Long term care facilities that require CSNM qualified managers.  Employers include hospitals, seniors' residences, nursing homes and extended care facilities. Other opportunities include high-volume catering services, industrial cafeterias, airline food services, food manufacturers and community agencies.
Organizations hiring program graduates include:
  • Aramark
  • Community Life Inc.
  • Compass
  • Complete Purchasing 
  • Extendicare
  • Humber River
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Leisureworld Care Giving Centres
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Morrison Healthcare (Division of Compass)
  • Providence Healthcare Centre
  • Rouge Valley Health System
  • Shepherd Village 
  • Sodexho
  • St. Michaels Hospital 
  • Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
  • Sunnycrest Nursing Home
  • Toronto East General Hospital 
  • Toronto Rehab
  • University Health Network
  • Village of Humber Heights 
  • Schlegel Villages
  • Revera

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates have demonstrated the ability to:

  • practice in accordance with the code of ethics of the appropriate professional association. (For example, Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), Ontario Society of Nutrition Management (OSNM).
  • evaluate personal strengths and limitations in practice.
  • exhibit professional conduct.
  • apply a knowledge of normal and clinical nutrition.
  • participate in the provision of nutritional care in a variety of settings including institutional and community environments.
  • participate in master menu planning.
  • participate in procurement of goods and services.
  • supervise the preparation of food products and special feedings following standardized recipes and production procedures.
  • supervise food distribution according to established standards.
  • supervise operational procedures to meet established standards for safety and sanitation according to established policy, procedures, and regulations.
  • participate in the management and coordination of catering activities and cafeteria promotions.
  • participate in the management of the food service and nutrition department.
  • participate in facility-wide quality management programs.
  • participate in the management of departmental human resources.
  • supervise personnel through the use of appropriate management, training, and motivational techniques.
  • participate in the financial planning for and management of the department.
  • develop and maintain clear communication channels both within the department and externally.
  • use computers and other available electronic technology for activities in food service management and nutritional care.
  • develop global citizenship and equity knowledge, skills, and experiences as it relates to sustainability of resources, individual and community identities, critical social analysis, and enhanced personal and social responsibility.  Support action for change that promotes social, economic and ecological equity at personal and global levels.
  • participate in interprofessional collaboration
  • Program Highlights

    • Using Centennial’s Hospitality Management Centre, students will learn the practical aspects of quantity food preparation and service and conduct experiments to learn the physical properties of food 
    • The final six weeks of the program consists of supervised field experience in a healthcare facility

    Sample your career before you graduate during a six-week field experience in your fourth semester. Choose the career that appeals to you most including: food and nutrition manager, food service coordinator, dietary manager, quality control technician, dining coordinator, diet technician, nutrition technician.


    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
    Academic Requirements
    • Admission to this program is ‘highly competitive’ and the program fills quickly. We recommend that you apply prior to the Ontario Colleges equal consideration date of February 1 and submit transcripts or take your skills assessment as soon as possible. For admission to the January program we recommend you apply by May 1 of the previous year. 
    • For applicants who are currently attending high school in Ontario your midterm and final grades will be transmitted automatically to the college.
    After admission, but prior to attending each Field Placement, students are required to have:
    • Annual police check with vulnerable sector screening
    • Successful completion and annual renewal of a recognized course in CPR (Health Care Provider level)
    • Successful completion of a recognized course in Standard First Aid
    • Mask fit testing will be provided by Centennial College (shaving of portion of face may be required to meet safety standards)
    • Completion of your pre-clearance health form by a physician or nurse practitioner stating that you meet the health requirements of legislated acts, ministry guidelines and agency policies 

    All of the above requirements must be in effect for the duration of each placement.

    Career Outlook

    Job Titles
    Examples of positions held by graduates include:

    • Food and Nutrition Manager
    • Food Service Coordinator
    • Dietary Manager 
    • Quality Control Technician
    • Diet Technician

    Set yourself ahead of the competition. Centennial’s Food and Nutrition Management program is the longest established two-year post-secondary Food and Nutrition Management program in the GTA. Accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), graduates are automatically eligible for membership in the CSNM and OSNM (Ontario Society of Nutrition Management). A CSNM membership is required by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to work in most acute and long term care facilities.

    Graduates have found employment with the following organizations:
    Rouge Valley Health System, Mother Parker’s, Kraft, Extendicare, Community Life Inc., Apetito, Providence Centre, The Scarborough Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Toronto East General Hospital, The University Health Network, Aramark, Sodexho, Warden Woods Community Centre, Leisureworld and Compass Group and Nova.


    Kendra Allen, NM

    Kendra is a full-time faculty member of the Food and Nutrition Management (FNMT) Program who is in good standing and a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM). Kendra is a graduate of Centennial College's FNMT Program with over 10 years work experience in; quality assurance in the food manufacturing sector, the retail industry and in both acute and long term care foodservices.





    Bernadette Cuyugan NM,

    Bernadette Cuyugan is a full time faculty member and Program Coordinator of the Food and Nutrition Management (FNMT) Program. Bernadette is an active member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM). Bernadette is a graduate from Centennial College's FNMT program and has over 10 years of experience in food services in Healthcare, retail sector and long term care.