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Four reasons to get an international education in Canada

In these turbulent times, the face of migration across the globe is changing. Students across the globe looking to travel and study abroad, and gain an early education, may find their efforts blocked by new, different rules, or may be uncertain about which countries will welcome them. However, Canada has always stood as a multicultural nation, welcoming immigrants from across the globe. Here's a few more reasons why, now more than ever, Canada is an ideal destination for an international student.

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Seven steps to launch a better resumé

A resumé is your first strike when you hit the job market, and needs to be perfect in order for employers to advance you to the next phase. You probably all know the basics behind creating a resumé, but there’s more to a resumé than a specific layout, and more things you can do to get noticed and get your message across. Consider this advanced advice.

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Four ways to launch a career in a changing job market

In the modern job market, it's not just enough to find any career. You need to find one with stability and a future. If technological and social progress changes the nature of that career, you need to be ready to adapt. If you're looking to future-proof your career, here's a few steps you can take.

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Job Fairs: The Essential Networking Opportunity

You’ve probably heard time and time again – networking is key to career success. Networking can help accelerate and ease the job search process, because it gets you one step closer to connecting with a potential employer. As a student, you might begin networking with friends, peers and professors, but one of the best methods to test your interview and professional communication skills is at a job fair. Here’s some tips to prepare you for one.

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The people that make your Valentine's Day possible

It'll be Valentine's Day soon, and couples throughout the GTA will be making plans for a romantic day together. There's a few old standbys that we automatically think of when it comes to Valentine's Day dates: Romantic dinners, sappy movies, bed-and-breakfasts, and the like. There's practically an industry around it. And where there's an industry, there are hard-working people. Think of the people behind the most common plans, and how they got to where they are today, through a practical college education. You could follow in their footsteps and have a career that's literally romantic. Here's a few Valentine's Day traditions, and the people behind them.

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Campus Safety: Five easy ways to prevent theft at school

Theft on college campuses is a regrettable fact you always have to look out for. However, it’s easy enough to keep your possessions safe. Most thefts are just crimes of opportunity, and aside from simply being aware, there’s a few other things you can do to avoid theft.

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Seven ways to launch a career you love

If you're trying to pick an education and the career that goes with it, it's important to carefully consider what's going to work for you. You want a career you can succeed in, one that pays well, and one that makes you happy. Most importantly, though, it's about balance. You need to decide what's most important to you. It's a tricky question, and one that requires a lot of reflection, but here's some tips to get you started thinking about the career you want.

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Four alternative ways to approach the food industry

They say you should always do what you love, especially when you're picking a career. If you like cooking, baking, or making food in general, there's a lot you can do with that passion when it comes to turning it into a job.

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Students create their own success: Jude Okolie and Salesblock

At Centennial, we encourage students to follow their entrepreneurial dreams, creating their own opportunities for themselves and others. But Jude Okolie wasn’t just motivated by that. He also had a desire to make the financial life of students at the college a bit better. That’s why he created Salesblock, a website specifically for college students to buy and sell textbooks, school supplies, and electronics. It was an idea he had while at Centennial, born out of a desire to help his fellow students acquire the tools for success faster, easier and cheaper. Here’s the hows and whys of making it happen.