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Your guide to choosing the best career

Over half of Canadian Millennials wouldn’t take the same post-secondary program if given a do-over, and that they’d rather have taken something different. Picking your career path is not something that should be decided quickly, or because of outside factors, like what your family wants. Instead, don’t rush into it, take your time, and get it right, so it can be something that satisfies you, not others. Adding to that, while it’s a good idea to get your choice right the first time, if you can’t, it’s still something you can bounce back from. So, here’s your guide to choosing the best career

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Three reasons why you need to attend Grad Prep Week 2017

The end of the spring semester at Centennial College means many students are going to be graduating soon. If that’s you, you certainly have a lot to think about, including attending convocation, but more importantly, what you’ll be doing after graduation.

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Four things you need to do during a college's open house

If you're in the process of picking which college you're going to attend, you're probably deep into your research, learning about the facilities your chosen schools have, the details of the program you want to take, and all of the finer points of applying to your education. But, when choosing your college, there’s more you need to look into than just the information that’s online.

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Nine ways to bust your college stress

The reasons you stress while you're in college are simple: It's is a big life change, and it's often your first major time away from home, or at least an unfamiliar environment. The workload can often be much higher than what you're use to, which, combined with its increased difficulty can also be a stressor. Combine that with worries about money and an uncertainty over your post-college career, and things can get very stressful, indeed. However, there's plenty of ways to cope, including resources available here at Centennial.

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Three ways Centennial College helps non-traditional students

A non-traditional student is someone who enters school with some combination of the following: They’re financially independent, have dependents such as children, are a caregiver for others, don’t have a traditional high school diploma, have delayed their enrollment in post-secondary education, engage in part-time classes, or are employed full-time. Do these sound like you? If so, we have resources that can help you out.

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These four easy tips will help you research your career

Whether you’re in high school, college, or just out in the job market, it’s always a good time to do career research. It’s an essential part of match-making and deciding what career is really right for you. Here’s a guide to what you need to know, and where to find it.

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Three unexpected ways that baking can be good for you

We tend to think of the things we bake as an indulgence, something that's sweet and tasty, but bad for you. Well, that isn't true. There are many different ways baking itself is beneficial for you, mentally, physically, and financially.

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11 surprising things about worker’s rights in Canada

As you look to exit post-secondary education and enter the job market, it’s important that you know your legal rights in Ontario as an employee. Centennial College’s Career Services department works to set you up with the career you want, and also keeps you informed of your rights, which every worker looking to get into the workforce after school should know. Here’s a few surprising things about those rights.