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Five reasons why you should become a commercial photographer

Since we gained the ability to capture still images, photography has been both a business and an art. As a commercial photographer, you walk the line between both worlds, making visual art and sending it out into the business world. It’s a practical job, where you create art you can get paid for, getting rid of the old question of how an artist can earn money. Centennial College can turn you into a professional photographer with its own two-year photography program. In this diploma program, you learn more than just the tools of the trade. You learn about both the business and the art of photography, how to succeed in the industry while capturing the best of the world in still-life format. Here’s why you want a career in the industry, and how we make it happen.


The Future is Digital: 5 Online Marketing Must-haves

Increasingly, marketing and advertising is going digital. But what goes into an effective online marketing campaign? These tips will help you to learn more, as will Centennial College’s Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program, which takes three years to complete.

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How Centennial College supports Social Justice

The Social Justice Fair at the Progress Campus Library was hosted by the Global Citizenship Education and Inclusion’s Global Citizen Ambassadors, in partnership with the Progress Campus Library. The purpose of the Social Justice Fair is to give students the opportunity to support the social justice issues that they are passionate about.


The language of business: Accounting students show their skills off at a special competition

What makes Centennial College’s education unique is its commitment to connecting students to real-life learning. This is the case with all of our programs, including Strategic Management-Accounting. A team of accounting students got the chance to acquire some real-life experience and demonstrate their learning at the 2017 OCACC - Ontario Colleges Accounting Case Competition. The students have to understand the case, create a solution and pitch it to the judges. Here’s how the team prepared, and how this connected to our mission to deliver real-life experience.

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Now what? Three things to do after you graduate college

It's nearing the end of April, and many Centennial College students are finishing what will be their final in-school semester and looking forward to graduation. If you're one of them, you're probably wondering what comes next for you. The good news is that as you move out into the world, you're still a Centennial College alumni, and the college is still here to help you out. Here's three things you can start doing that we can take part in with you.

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Centennial Supports Social Justice: Carlene Daley and International Women’s Day

Social justice is important to Centennial College. We don’t just teach students skills. We teach them to be socially-minded citizens of the world. And when a student has ideas of their own related to social issues, we help make them happen -like with Social Service Worker student Carlene Daley. As someone who passionately believes in women’s issues, she wanted to do something special for International Women’s Day, and we helped her make it happen. It led to the Women’s Empowerment Series & Workshops at Ashtonbee campus, a series of events held March 29-31. Here’s how she made it happen, and how we helped.

picture of Centennial College Marketing Digital Engagement Strategy Program Advisory Committee member Christos Nikitopoulos of Google

Filling the digital gap: How the experts at Google helped create our Digital Engagement Strategy program

It's a changing, technological world, with a changing job market, and in order to ensure our students are able to secure the newest jobs in the newest industries, Centennial College is constantly updating its curriculum with new programs based on job market and technological trends. One of those new programs is Digital Engagement Strategy, focused on bringing marketing to the online sphere. This program was created to fill a need in the workforce, meaning there's jobs out there for trained graduates. To make this program relevant to the current marketplace, we assembled a team of experts. One of those advisors Christos Nikitopoulos, Head of Agency Development at Google, who helped shape the program into what it is. Here's where he came from, and the experience he (and Google) will bring to the program.

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The top six ways Centennial College helps international students

There are now more international students coming to Canada than ever. In this global climate, it makes sense. We’re one of the most welcoming, openly multicultural countries around the globe, and Toronto is Canada’s most multicultural city. Centennial College is dedicated to taking in international students, and helps to make their transition to Canada as simple as possible. Any international student in need of help should visit our International Education Centre at Progress Campus, but there’s more to how we support international education than just that.

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