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Four ways taking a co-op program can get you the job

Co-op programs like the ones at Centennial College give you real-life work experience while you're still a student, and more importantly, give you a way to get your career going. It's the best way to get a job! Here’s more about how a co-op position will get you hired.

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Food Tourism in Canada: 10 Dishes you have to try, and where you can try them

Food tourism is all about travelling beyond your neighbourhood to experience new tastes. It can be as far as another country, or as close as another city. Food experiences are at the core of international travel, which is why Centennial College created its own food tourism program to help you turn it into a career. But you don’t need to travel abroad to find unusual cuisine. There’s plenty of it, right here in Canada, like these national staples. If you’re an international student, here’s what’s unique in Canadian cuisine, and what you should be trying now that you’re here. And if you’re Canadian, have you tried all of these?


Industry professionals help shape Centennial’s digital curriculum: Digital Engagement Strategy

In the digital space, the job market changes as fast as technology itself. To prepare students for their digital careers, Centennial College continuously updates its programs to adapt to industry trends based on insight from working professionals. Kelly Seawright, Digital Platforms Manager at Mercedes-Benz Canada, worked with a team of digital experts from various industries to develop Centennial’s upcoming Digital Engagement Strategy Graduate Certificate. The program focuses on online marketing and will give students the skills they need to succeed in modern digital marketing.

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Seven easy ways to make your work and study space healthier

If you’re a student right now, between classes and studying, keeping yourself healthy when sitting at your computer takes up a big chunk of your life is probably a concern. Fortunately, there’s a lot of simple stuff you can do to help keep yourself healthy. If you’re working in workplace wellness and health promotion, it’s your job to keep the people you work with happy and healthy, and you’ll be starting with simple tips like these.

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Five secrets of food styling: What you don't know about the food you see in ads

If you've ever Instagrammed your meal, you've experienced a tiny slice of what it means to be a Food Stylist. Ever look at how the food appears in restaurant ads? Food Stylists do that. They also photograph for magazines, blogs, and anything else where the presentation of a dish is key. There's actually an art to it, and it's less fake than you'd think. Making food beautiful to look at is their job. Centennial College teaches you about another important part of the world of food with its Food Media program, which can get you into the industry surrounding food as a writer, editor, or one of these stylists. Here's a few more things you didn't know about the career.

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Four reasons you should take a graduate certificate program

Graduate certificate programs are a solution colleges like Centennial offer to those who want to take a new direction in a career, or receive additional, focused education, provided you already have a graduate diploma or experience in your chosen area. Graduate certificate programs are practically-oriented, focused on giving you hands-on-experience with the tools used by practitioners in the industry. Skills that take a long time to learn are taught in a much shorter time in our labs, and you get a chance to build a portfolio showing the skills you’ve learned, letting you enter the job market as a proven professional. Here are more reasons why one of Centennial College’s graduate certificate programs can be right for you.

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Internship in Costa Rica provides Public Relations perspective

Bianka Knight is a student in her third year of our Bachelor of Public Relations program, and will be gaining that international perspective by heading to Costa Rica as part of the program, to learn about public relations in another country. Here’s how it happened, and what else the program has taught her.

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Seven sweet secrets about marshmallows

If you're enrolled in one of our our baking programs, like Pastry Arts Management, you'll definitely be baking marshmallows sooner or later. But did you know that marshmallows have actually been around for thousands of years? Here's some more history and secrets behind this sweet baking ingredient.