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Picture of Sam Casais during the interview

How Sam Casais started a career doing what he loves in Recreation and Leisure

Nothing brings people and communities together like play, and Centennial College’s Recreation and Leisure Services focuses on using sports and other activities for social good, making communities healthy and happy. Centennial’s program has a strong emphasis on real-life experience and fieldwork, creating graduates with real, practical skills. Rec and Leisure student Samuel Casais is one such example. He entered the program to do what he loves and has gone on to find success, experience, and even a job, all before the program ends. Here’s why he loves Rec and Leisure, and what the program’s done for him.

Picture of Healthcare Environmental Services Management Students

Seven ways to keep germs out of your workspace

There’s never a good time to get sick, especially when you’ve got a job to worry about. That’s why it’s important to keep your workspace clean, both for your own sake, and the sake of the other people you work with. You can even make a career out of it, with Centennial College’s Healthcare Environmental Services Management program. Here are some of the basics you’ll learn about keeping your environment clean. It’s more than just washing hands, though that’s where it starts.

picture of two Centennial College Automotive Parts and Service Operations program students working on a car under the hood in a garage

The nine most common car repairs

Living and working anywhere in Ontario outside of the biggest cities means you likely need to drive a car, and sooner or later, everyone needs their cars repaired. Becoming an expert at auto repair will get you a career many, many people need. Centennial College's School of Transportation offers a number of career pathways into becoming that kind of expert. No matter the auto repair career, there's still a few common repairs you'll be learning. If you're interested in learning how to keep that car running, this is some of the more common stuff we'll be teaching you, because it's the stuff you'll be doing most frequently. If a car is brought in, it's usually for one of these.

picture of a Centennial College student preparing for an Interview

The only job interview preparation you'll need: The 25 essential questions

Everyone needs to do a few job interviews in their lifetime. At Centennial College, we'll help connect you to a career, but that final step comes from you, including the interview itself. You've probably learned a ton of advice about how to prepare for an interview, and there's more to be learned at our Career Centre. Here's something even more practical: A list of what you might be asked during that all-important interview.

Picture of Centennial College Automotive Service Technician program students and faculty member working with car parts in a garage

5 Reasons why you want a career in car repair and service

The best kind of career is one delivering a service lots of people need, but few know how to do. One of the best examples of this is the automotive industry, specifically, repairing and maintaining cars. Think about how many people drive them every day, and how many people need them fixed. People who know how they work will always be in demand, and by becoming one of these professionals, you can secure a lucrative career. Here's the facts of why a career in auto service is an excellent field to get into.


Six advertising fails, and how you can do better

As a marketer, you’re trying to help a company grab people’s attention with something clever, memorable, and valuable, or at least a very good deal. But it’s a tough line to walk, and if you’re not good at your job, it can lead to disaster. Here’s a few times it didn’t work out.

Picture of Centennial College Faculty and the first graduating class from the Administrative Assistant program helping Indigenous women learn and enter the workforce

Indigenous Women's Empowerment and Employment through Education Program at Centennial College

At Centennial College, we believe that education and success is every student's right, no matter where they come from, and we actively create special programs to help students with barriers to their education and success succeed. We saw the results of one such program on May 31, 2017, when Centennial College hosted a very special graduation celebration for the first cohort of students in the Administrative Assistant program, created specifically to help Indigenous students learn and enter the workforce.