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Three careers you can connect to in Food Media

If you have a passion for food and want to document it through media, then Centennial College can help you blend your interests into a career with our Food Media post-graduate program. During its intensive three-day format, you learn about everything from social media and multimedia, to photography, online writing, production, editing and more. Join the program, and get the kind of practical experience you need to get into the field of making dishes as delicious to the eyes and ears as they are to the mouth. Here’s a look at the kind of careers Centennial College’s Food Media program can land you.

picture of Centennial College Automotive Parts and Service Operations program faculty and students inspecting the underneath of a car on a car lift

Five common auto parts you'll need to replace

Sooner or later, everything breaks, and that includes your car. Every vehicle is a complicated machine, with many moving parts, and even a well-maintained one will need those parts replaced over the course of its lifetime. If you drive, you'll need to know about the parts you need. Here are the most common things you'll be dealing with.

Picture of Food Service worker student

It’s about health: Busting myths about being a Food Service Worker

When you hear the words “Food Service Worker,” what are you thinking of? A burger-flipper? A waiter? In fact, it doesn’t mean what you think it does. Centennial College’s Food Service Worker program is taught at the School of Community and Health studies because it’s actually a program about health. Instead of becoming part of a restaurant, you’re studying to become a part of a health care team that provides the nutritional needs of patients. It’s a certificate program that runs for only a single semester, meaning it provides a quick way to enter the workforce and participate in a meaningful career. To get the real facts, we spoke directly to the program’s chair, Natashia Deer, to learn what it’s really about.


How Buzzfeed changed the world: Here’s why you want to go into Lifestyle Media

In the simplest terms, lifestyle media is media that isn’t the news, but caters to the social aspects of life instead. Lifestyle media can also extend to social media, games on your phone, magazines about non-news topics, ranging from the home, to food, to other interests. If you're looking to study it, Centennial College offers a graduate certificate program on the subject. Naturally, Buzzfeed is a prime, prominent example of lifestyle media, and a perfect example of how it’s changing the way we see the world, and why joining it is important.

picture of Global Citizen Ambassador Lionel Kponyo holding a whiteboard with a positive message

Personal Reflections of a Global Citizen Ambassador

Learn how Centennial College postgraduate student Lionel Kponyo got more involved in our community and what he learned about leadership after being a member of the Global Citizen Ambassador program organized by the Centre for Global Citizenship, Education and Inclusion.

Picture of Centennial College students sitting on a couch in the Ashtonbee Campus hallway

A guide to passing your IELTS test

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular assessment of English proficiency in the world. Whether English is your first, second, or seventh language, you may be required to take an IELTS test. If English is your mother tongue, or if you're doing very well in your English courses, you might think that showing up on the IELTS test day is all you need to do to get a high score. However, test day can be more challenging than you think. Here is a guide to help you achieve your goals on your IELTS test.