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picture of two Centennial College Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program students in class on their laptops smiling

The five most memorable modern advertising campaigns

When was the last time you saw an advertisement you didn't want to skip? They're rare, but when ads really work, they stick with you and become fun little parts of pop culture. We'll certainly be discussing some of these ads in Centennial College's advertising program, program, as you'll learn how to create the next generation of inventive ideas.

picture of a Centennial College Animation 3D program student working at a studio on workstation animating a face

Four times you didn't notice 3D Animation

Some people say there's too much CGI in modern Hollywood films, that we rely on special effects too hard. Really, we only notice these effects when we're expecting them, or when they're poorly done. There's plenty of unexpected effects in modern movies that you never even notice, either because they correct mistakes, or create totally mundane things.By joining our 3D Animation program, you can become one of the people creating these effects. Here's just four examples of the kinds of CGI effects you never noticed:

picture of two Centennial College English for Academic Purposes program students speaking to one another

Five weird things about the English language

If you were born and raised speaking English, you might think it's a simple language. However, for people learning the language, it can be the opposite. This is because compared to the other languages of the world, English is full of strange things that make it a particular challenge to learn. Here's a few quirks of English that, if you speak it, you probably haven't noticed, but if you're learning it, you've probably already run into.

picture of a Centennial College broadcasting program student in an on-campus studio listening to the audio feed from a television broadcast

Why it's more important than ever to go into media

The media shapes our views, which is why the world needs responsible, talented content creators. At Centennial College, we can show you how, through our Broadcasting program, and help you get started in your career by helping you make an advanced body of produced work for a professional portfolio, and letting you spend 14 weeks in a full-time industry field placement. We've been doing it for 30 years, and consider it more important than ever to produce educated, responsible media creators. Join us, and help shape the world in a friendlier, inclusive place.

picture of Centennial College CENTITALIA event Chef Ugo Mora

Sacred Simplicity in Debunking Italian Cuisine

Food blogger and Centennial College student Julie Miguel attended our CENTITALIA food festival last week at our Culinary Arts Centre, and was instantly transported back to Italy. Here's what she experienced and learned about food and culture.

picture of Centennial College Advanced Business Management Alcoholic Beverages program students in a mock sales meeting

Enter the business of beverages with Centennial College

Alcohol and spirits is a growing industry in Canada, and there's more to it than just bartending. To meet the ever-expanding need for business professionals trained in the beverage industry, Centennial College created Advanced Business Management - Alcoholic Beverages.

picture of a Centennial College student dressed business professional in a meeting smiling

How to run things: Four careers as a manager

College is about taking that thing you enjoy and turning it into a career, through practical experience. Here's the thing about getting an industry career, though: Every industry needs people to run it. Whatever your passion, you could one day find yourself in a management position, and it'll add to your success if you're educated in what you need to do to run the show A good management program, like what we have at Centennial College, will still teach you the practical aspects of your career, while also teaching you how to run it.

picture of Centennial College Healthcare Environmental Services Management program students cleaning an educational healthcare facility

The different ways you can help people

We all want different things out of our career, and our life. Some people want to dedicate their lives to giving back, and helping others as much as possible. In times like these, we need it the most. The good news is that if you want to give back to others, and help people as a career, there's a lot you can do, and Centennial College can help you find that charitable path. Here's some of the things you can do, and how we help make them possible.

Picture of Centennial College students in our journalism computer lab and studio

Centennial Journalism students report live from the U.S. Election

At Centennial College, we decided to turn the American election into a practical learning opportunity for the students in our Journalism programs, since this is exactly the sort of event that would get extensive coverage from them once they finish their programs and move onto their careers. The night saw 60 students from our journalism program fan out across Toronto, Ontario, and even Buffalo, to cover the election. They reported live, and posted the results through a television show, and online, just as an actual newsroom would. Here's what the students did to make it possible.

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