Product Design and Development

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Program Code: 3517

School: School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design

Credential: Advanced Diploma

Program Type: Post-secondary program

Program Length: 3 years/ 6 semesters

Start Date: Fall

Location: Story Arts Centre


Telephone: 416-289-5000, ext. 3523

Centennial College’s Product Design and Development program is the only one of its kind in Canada and provides you with the unique understanding to develop high-tech, ecological and socially responsible products from concept, to design, to production.

Combining the strengths of the School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design and the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science, this innovative Product Design and Development program's courses bring together hands-on learning in product/industrial design and product development with product lifecycle management (PLM). Through interdisciplinary, collaborative group projects, you develop creative design problem-solving abilities and innovative strategies by applying all stages of the visual design process.

You acquire a wide range of skills in this advanced diploma program, including idea generation, creative problem solving, drawing, model-making, the creative design process, 3D CAD advanced computer modelling, rapid prototyping, product development (CAE analysis, reverse engineering technology, materials selection, quality testing, product costing and optimization), product lifecycle management and cross-platform multimedia communications. You also develop a strong sense of the functional and aesthetic principles of design, as well as a solid understanding of the technical and business aspects of product development.

Centennial's Product Design and Development program meet the growing need for graduates with a strategic vision of interdisciplinary product design and an understanding of all stages of the product lifecycle process, who are ready to work in a variety of exciting careers related to consumer product development, electronics, furniture, transportation and more.

Please note: This program requires you to have and use a mobile computing device that meets or exceeds the recommended hardware and software requirements. For more information, please visit Mobile Learning Programs.

Semester 1
Course Code Course Title Location
COMM-160/161 College Communication 1 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-111 Product Design Process and Methodology Story Arts Centre
PDDV-112 Visual Communications Story Arts Centre
PDDV-113 3D Studio 1 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-114 History of Design and Technology Story Arts Centre
PDDV-116 Product Development Processes 1 Progress Campus
PDDV-117 Science 1 Progress Campus
PDDV-199 Creativity In Context Story Arts Centre
Semester 2
Course Code Course Title Location
COMM-170/171 College Communication 2 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-121 Product Design Collaboration Studio 1 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-122 Multimedia Communication Story Arts Centre
PDDV-123 3D CAD Design Fundamentals Story Arts Centre
PDDV-124 3D CAD & Reverse Engineering Progress Campus
PDDV-125 Product Life-cycle Assessment Progress Campus
PDDV-126 Science 2 Progress Campus
PDDV-127 Technology and Materials Science Story Arts Centre
Semester 3
Course Code Course Title Location
GNED-500 Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action Story Arts Centre
PDDV-211 Product Design Collaboration Studio 2 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-212 3D Studio 2 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-213 Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerancing Progress Campus
PDDV-214 Product Analysis and Validation - Functionality Progress Campus
PDDV-215 Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawings Progress Campus
PDDV-216 Project 1 Progress Campus
Semester 4
Course Code Course Title Location
GNED General Education Elective Story Arts Centre
PDDV-221 Product Design Collaboration Studio 3 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-222 3D CAD Design Intermediate Story Arts Centre
PDDV-223 Advanced Design Processes Story Arts Centre
PDDV-224 3D Studio 3 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-225 Product Development Processes 2 Progress Campus
PDDV-226 Product Analysis and Validation - Reliability Progress Campus
PDDV-227 Project 2 Progress Campus
Semester 5
Course Code Course Title Location
ENGL-250 Report Writing in a Technical Environment Story Arts Centre
PDDV-311 Product Design Collaboration Studio 4 Story Arts Centre
PDDV-312 3D CAD Design Advanced Story Arts Centre
PDDV-313 Business Story Arts Centre
PDDV-314 Product Development Processes 3 Progress Campus
PDDV-315 Product Analysis and Validation - Manufacturability Progress Campus
PDDV-316 Project 3 Progress Campus
PDDV-500 Storyworks Story Arts Centre
Semester 6
Course Code Course Title Location
GNED General Education Elective Story Arts Centre
PDDV-321 Legal Aspects of Product Design and Development Story Arts Centre
PDDV-322 Entrepreneurship Story Arts Centre
PDDV-323 Marketing Story Arts Centre
PDDV-324 Inspection and Product Quality Assurance Progress Campus
PDDV-325 Costing and Product Optimization Progress Campus
PDDV-326 Capstone Project Progress Campus

Career Outlook

  • Industrial Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Toy Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Design Strategist
  • 3D CAD Modeller
  • Model Maker

Academic Requirements

Additional Requirements

You are required to attend a Product Design and Development program admission session where you must present a portfolio of your work.

Portfolio requirements:

  • Select minimum of six pieces of your original work in art and design.
  • Your work should demonstrate problem-solving, creative process and your interest in product design.
  • Include drawings from observation in traditional and digital media, contour drawing of everyday objects, conceptual drawings of products, notes about your ideas for redesign, 3D models in variety of materials.
  • An idea sketchbook is considered one piece of portfolio.

1. Apply Online

Are you an International Student? Apply directly to Centennial College here.

If you are applying through the Second Career Strategy, please apply at the Employment Training Centre for Second Career (Progress Campus). Second Career Strategy is a funding initiative for those who have been laid-off and are in need of training. For more information go to Second Career Strategy.

If you have previously attended a full time program at Centennial College, you may be eligible for a Program Transfer. Visit Enrolment Services at any Campus for information.

All other applicants must apply online at A non-refundable application fee of $95 must accompany applications. The fee is payable online, by telephone, online banking, by mail, or in person to For more information go to Application Fees.

2. Submit Documents

Current Ontario high school students and graduates from Ontario high schools: Notify your guidance counsellor that you have applied to college and your school will forward transcripts to Centennial College via

Graduates of college/university, or high school outside Ontario but within Canada: You are responsible for requesting that your educational institute sends any required documents and transcripts to

Applicants who attended school outside of Canada: If you are submitting transcripts to meet admission requirements, you must have the transcripts assessed by an independent credential assessment agency such as World Education Services (WES) or International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS).

For more information go to Submitting your Transcripts.

3. Confirm Your Offer of Admission

Offers of Admission are sent by mail to eligible applicants. When you receive your offer, you must login to your account at and confirm before the Deadline to Confirm noted in your offer letter.

You may confirm only one college and one program offer at a time.

You must confirm your offer by the Deadline to Confirm noted in your Offer of Admission letter or your seat may be given to another applicant.

When you confirm your Offer of Admission at Centennial College you are given access to your personal myCentennial account where you can check your email, grades, register for courses, pay tuition fees, and see your class timetable.

4. Pay Fees

Centennial fees statements are sent by email to your personal email account and to your myCentennial email account. Fees statements are not mailed.

You must make a minimum payment by the Fees Deadline noted in your Fees Statement or your seat may be given to another applicant.

5. Build Your Timetable (Register for Courses)

Build your timetable (web-register for courses) at

Fall registration begins mid-July
January registration begins mid-December
May registration begins mid-April

Your web-registration will not open if:

You have not submitted your minimum fee payment by the deadline
You received a Conditional Offer of Admission and you have not met the conditions of your offer.

Once you have paid your fees or have made appropriate arrangements, register for your courses online through myCentennial.

Fees noted below are estimates only. Tuition is based on two semesters, beginning Fall 2017.

Student Tuition (2 Semesters) Incidental Fees Total
Canadian $4,778.00 $1,093.00 $5,871.00
International $13,283.00 $2,376.00 $15,659.00