(Automotive) Motive Power Technician – Administration 8201

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Program code: 8201
School: School of Transportation
Credential: Ontario College Diploma
Program Type: Post-secondary program
Program Length: 2 years/ 4 semesters
Start Date: Fall
Location: Ashtonbee Campus
Tel: 416-289-5000, ext. 7226

This program prepares students to work in the automotive industry with an emphasis on motor vehicle technology. Theory and practical training equip the student for challenging positions in a variety of careers.

The first semester is common to both the administration and technical streams, which allows the student time to choose which is right for them. Moving into second semester, the administration stream covers accounting, marketing and statistics, as they relate to the automotive industry; while the technical stream focuses on applied mechanics, vehicle dynamics, etc. providing a good understanding of component design.

As part of the curriculum, the student will be trained on automobile assemblies in fully-equipped automotive shops. Both streams provide the same vehicle technology and in-school content as the Automotive Service Technician (AST) apprenticeship qualification. This program prepares the student to enter the industry and be successful on exemption testing for licensing qualification.

Jump in the driver’s seat and prepare for a challenging career in the automotive industry. With two common semesters, you have time to specialize in the area that interests you. Centennial’s Motive Power Technician – Administration program covers accounting, marketing and statistics as they relate to the automotive industry. The Motive Power Technician – Technical program focuses on applied mechanics, vehicle dynamics and properties of materials, providing a good understanding of component design.

Semester 1 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
ATEC-107 Applied Mechanics Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-101 Engines 1 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-102 Electrical Diagnosis 1 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-103 Alignment 1 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-104 Transmissions 1 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-105 Fuels 1 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-109 Vehicle Technology 1 Ashtonbee Campus
COMM-160/COMM-161 College Communications 1 Ashtonbee Campus
GNED elective General Education Elective Ashtonbee Campus
MATH-130 Mathematics Ashtonbee Campus

Semester 2 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
ATEC-116 Transportation Administration 1 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-111 Engines 2 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-112 Electrical Diagnosis 2 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-113 Alignment 2 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-114 Transmissions 2 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-115 Fuels 2 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-119 Vehicle Technology 2 Ashtonbee Campus
COMM-170/COMM-171 College Communications 2 Ashtonbee Campus
MKTG-123 Marketing for Auto Technicians Ashtonbee Campus

Semester 3 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
ACCT-122 Accounting for Auto Technicians Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-201 Engines 3 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-202 Electrical Diagnosis 3 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-203 Alignment 3 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-204 Transmission 3 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-205 Fuels 3 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-207 Air Conditioning 3 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-209 Vehicle Technology 3 Ashtonbee Campus
GNED General Education Elective Ashtonbee Campus
GNED-500 Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action Ashtonbee Campus
MATH-103 Elementary Statistics Ashtonbee Campus

Semester 4 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
ATEC-208 Technical Drawings Ashtonbee Campus
ATEC-216 Transportation Administration 2 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-211 Engines 4 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-212 Electrical Diagnosis 4 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-213 Alignment 4 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-214 Transmission 4 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-215 Fuels 4 Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-217 Air Conditioning Ashtonbee Campus
AUTO-219 Vehicle Technology 4 Ashtonbee Campus
ENGL-219 Communications for Professionals in the Automotive Industry Ashtonbee Campus

Program Highlights
• Administration stream - suitable for those with a professional interest in the business component of the automotive industry
• Combination of theory and shop experience
• Facilities in one of Ontario’s largest transportation training centre - Ashtonbee campus
• Accredited by the Canadian Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) National Accreditation Board
• Offers equal opportunity to begin an apprenticeship upon graduation

Put the power in your hands. You’ll train in fully-equipped automotive shops, so you’ll be ready to launch your career when you’re ready. You’ll grasp theoretical and practical knowledge to meet standard industry techniques and processes that are imbedded in the program curriculum.


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
Academic Requirements
  • For applicants who are currently attending high school in Ontario, your midterm and final grades will be transmitted automatically to the college.
Career Outlook
During classroom and shop activities students will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as hands-on skills and experience through the demonstration and application of standard industry techniques and processes that are included/imbedded in the program curriculum.
Enrolment in the (Automotive) Motive Power Technician program provides the student with a basic level of knowledge and skill to pursue a career in various roles and sectors of the automotive industry to include:
• Automotive apprentices
• Service advisors
• Lead hands
• Repair technicians
• Automotive service and parts management/ departments
• Automotive import/ export

Customize your career. Our programs emphasize motor vehicle technology so you’ll have an opportunity to begin an apprenticeship upon graduation. Work among some of the most well-known names. Organizations hiring our graduates include: Canadian Tire, Department of National Defence, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honda Canada, State Farm Insurance and Toyota.